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True Blue Line website updates

TrueBlueLine Future: New Social Network for First Responders, Project Gamma In Progress


Over the past month we have been working on developing a new social media platform (temporary codename Project Gamma), one that is dedicated to first responders and related occupations. We’ve neglected some of our accounts such as @frontlineblue and @onewallforall. We’ve been slow to re-post your messages, partake in #FF and reply to your comments and questions.

At the same time we have to spend time to secure our current services. The work on the live crime monitoring app continous, but we won’t speculate about release dates just yet. Our involvement on Facebook and Twitter will remain minimal, with the exception of @onewallforall.

There are many reasons to stop using Twitter and Facebook, namely:

  • Censorship of posts inconvenient to top brass
  • Constant tracking and complete lack of privacy
  • Illusion of anonymity
  • Terrorist propaganda

And many more. Instead, in a few months we will be able to offer you a new network that will feature:

  • Twitter-like user interface
  • Privacy and anonymity
  • No tracking
  • No advertising
  • No blue falcons
  • Character count limit increased to 500
  • Separate networks: public and invitation-only private network

Ability to re-post your messages to your existing Twitter account (this feature will be disabled on the private network)

Unfortunately there are no plans to develop a mobile app. Instead the network will be accessible on a desktop or mobile browser. There are still many kinks to iron out and we’d appreciate your help in testing once it’s in a form that looks less embarrassing.

If you’d like to keep updated on our projects or help out with suggestions and testing, send an email to [email protected]. For privacy reasons we object to using 3rd party mailing list providers but we will setup a mailing list on our own servers soon. You will not be included on any such mailing list without unless you express an definitive permission.

Thank you for your continued support and interest. Once the major software developments efforts near completion, we will be able to re-focus on our core mission.

True Blue Line: Welcome!

Welcome to True Blue Line. Publishing carefully selected news stories and opinions related to law enforcement and legal system topics. Focused on Australian stories as well as major international stories of interest to Police Officers.

Please note: this site is in no way associated or endorsed by any Police department.

Our focus is on improving the content:

  • All matters involving the Australian Police force, including the unions and other organisations that support the Police
  • Matters involving courts, the law and major stories about people in the legal system
  • Major crime news (without overly sensationalist headlines, those kind of news don’t belong here)
  • Focus on all of Australia, with some stories from around the World

More work to do:

  • Encouraging contributions and “recruiting” new editors
  • Better user interface and experience, making the site look great on mobile devices