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Campbell, Ohio Police Get Specialized Training

The training teaches officers how to handle the violent situations they face on a daily basis. Campbell police officers learned new ways to defend themselves through training Saturday. For about four hours, officers were taught new ways to de-escalate intense situations and better communication skills.

Source: wkbn.com

Indian Government To Make Yoga Training Compulsory for Police?

The Rajasthan government will soon make yoga training compulsory for its 1 lakh- strong police force in accordance with the Central government directives issued in February-end.

The police department is readying a proposal for the required logistic support, which will be sent to the Central government by the state home department, according to officials.

Source: www.hindustantimes.com

Ontario Police Get Active Shooter Training

An active shooter entered Saint Alphonsus Medical Center-Ontario Saturday – but it was all part of a training for local law enforcement.

When asked what their biggest headache was during Saturday’s emergency exercise, all responders said “communications.” That is just one of the issues the emergency responders are working on as they complete a two-day training on responding to an active shooter incident if the worst should happen in Ontario…

Source: www.argusobserver.com

Crisis In Law: Tackling Death In the Line of Duty

While #BlackLivesMatter is getting attention, police officers are at risk every day. The answer to both is training.

With all the talk of inappropriate police procedures including lack of supervision, incorrect reporting and excessive use of force, it is time to remember how many police officers give their lives in the line of duty each year.

On April 22, the Virginia Public Safety Foundation (VPSF) will host its 10th annual golf tournament.  The VPFS is one of several Foundations in the United States established to provide crisis financial support to family members whose loved ones died in the line of duty. Virginia alone lost five police officers this year in the line of duty and many other were injured. In the U.S., 124 police officers died in the line of duty last year.

Source: www.commdiginews.com

4 steps toward more realistic firearms training – PoliceOne.com

“….Recognize that some of the best firearms training does not involve gunpowder. Blue Guns, Simunitions, Airsoft, computer simulators, Red Man suits, and force-on-force have revolutionized firearms training, and allow you (with proper planning and supervision) to safely replicate the dynamics of real world use of force encounters in a way that you never could with a live firearm….”

Source: www.policeone.com