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South Australian Parliament Passes Bill Targeting Serious and Organised Crime


Tough new laws targeting serious and organised crime gangs have passed State Parliament today.
Attorney General John Rau said these laws would have significant impact on the criminal activity of these gangs.
“These groups have blatant disregard for community safety,” he said.
“Events as recently as last weekend have again shown how dangerous these organisations can be.
“SA Police have told us they need these laws in order to better protect the community, and thanks to the passing of this legislation today they will now have a range of new tools they can use to combat the illegal activity of these gangs.”
Mr Rau said the Bill was amended to remove the interstate organisations following discussions with Opposition Leader Steven Marshall.
“It was important to me that this Bill pass this week, “ Mr Rau said.
“I was only prepared to offer this compromise after discussions with the Police
Commissioner confirmed that the Bill still contains all of their priority targets.
“If these interstate organisations come to South Australia in the future we will be able to add them by regulation.”
Mr Rau said following the passage of the Bill through the Parliament it would come into affect as quickly as possible.
“It is very important that Police are able to use these new measures as quickly as possible,” he said.
“These new laws send a clear message to criminal gangs, we do not accept their behaviour and they are not welcome in our community.”

News release: http://www.premier.sa.gov.au/images/news_releases/2015/15_07Jul/seriousorganisedcrimepass.pdf

Parole Applicants Forced To Give ‘Closure’ To Crime Victims In South Australia

Prisoners on life sentences in relation to murder who refuse to reveal the location of bodies will be denied parole under new reforms passed by the South Australian Government.

Those who do achieve parole will be subjected to parole conditions for the rest of their lives, with the Parole Board “compelled” to consider electronic monitoring, including via GPS.

SA Correctional Services Minister Tony Piccolo said the changes provided a fairer process and better supported victims’ families, especially those in murder cases where a body had not been found.

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Source: www.abc.net.au

Civilians To Staff South Australia Police Cells

Civilians will guard prisoners in police cells to save money and free up officers for the “frontline”, says SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens.

Security guards will take over 42 custodial management roles in police stations, he told a parliamentary committee hearing on Monday.

“Civilianisation of positions…provides benefits in terms of budget savings, but it also means that we use highly trained operational police officers for the function that we need them to be performing,” he later told reporters.

Civilian solicitors are already being trialled in SAPOL’s legal service.

But he said he had “no intention” of privatising any part of the police force.

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Source: www.theaustralian.com.au

Ed – perhaps this is not the best decision.

SA Police Association: Ongoing Safety Concerns Delaying Enterprise Bargaining Negotiations

Ongoing safety concerns about a South Australian Police (SAPOL) operational review are delaying enterprise bargaining negotiations, the union says.

Police Association of SA president Mark Carroll said the review could compromise working conditions and safety, having written in PASA’s April journal that the review was “budget-cutting measures masquerading as service-delivery gains”.

In a letter obtained by the ABC sent out to union members last week, PASA said it was yet to receive full details about the review, despite SAPOL being expected to provide details by March this year.

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Source: www.abc.net.au

Police Find 10 Drug Labs or Crops Every Week Across Adelaide

Police are uncovering about 10 cannabis crops and drug laboratories a week across Adelaide as they continue to crack down on suburban suppliers.

A Freedom of Information document, obtained by Family First MP Robert Brokenshire, showed 773 drug operations were found across the six metropolitan police districts from December 2013 to May.

The Holden Hill district recorded the highest number with 201 uncovered, followed by Elizabeth, 180, Western Adelaide, 135, and South Coast, 103.

The Sturt and Eastern districts each had less than 100 drug labs or cannabis crops seized, with 96 and 58 respectively.

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Source: www.couriermail.com.au

Changing of the Guard As Grant Stevens Replaces Gary Burns As SA Police Commissioner

“Anyone who said they weren’t scared at any one time in their police career wouldn’t be telling the truth.” – those are the words of outgoing South Australian Police Commissioner Gary Burns. Commissioner Burns will be retiring from his post and the force on Monday after 46 years of service.

Next Tuesday Grant Stevens will become SA’s 21st police commissioner, taking over from incumbent Gary Burns, whose tenure finishes at midnight on Monday.

Stevens, 51, will take control of an organisation about to undergo one of its biggest shake-ups and at a time when there are more demands than ever facing it in areas as diverse as domestic violence, the growth of organised crime and the increasing threat of a terror attack.

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Source: www.adelaidenow.com.au

New South Australian Laws To Curb Number of Criminals Owning Firearms

New South Australian laws will make it harder for people to get a gun licence and stop some criminals from owning firearms.

Gun owners will need a valid reason for owning a weapon, storage requirements will be significantly tightened and anyone convicted of drug or violence-related offences will be banned from owning them.

The new legislation will also see penalties for breaching firearms regulations increased and a permanent amnesty to surrender guns introduced in order to remove more from the community.

Police Minister Tony Piccolo has revealed the existing Firearms Act will be scrapped and replaced with new legislation aimed at improving public safety by restricting the overall number of guns in the community, limiting ownership to “fit and proper’’ people and reducing the number of weapons that fall into the hands of criminals each year.

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Source: www.adelaidenow.com.au

Man Accused of Assaulting SA Police Officer At Highbury Appears In Court

A lone police officer feared for his life when he was allegedly attacked by a man who threatened to kill him during an arrest.

Despite the seriousness of the circumstances the constable allegedly faced, it is not unusual for officers to be on solo patrol, a police spokeswoman said.

Police Association president Mark Carroll told The Advertiser the traffic officer — named in court documents as Paul Jelfs — was the victim of a “frenzied attack” at Highbury on Wednesday.

His alleged attacker, Steven John Tipping, appeared in Port Adelaide Magistrates Court yesterday and applied for bail.

Tipping, 39, is charged with aggravated assault causing harm against police, threatening to kill or endanger life and resisting police.

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Source: www.adelaidenow.com.au

Undercover South Australia Police Operation Foiled Plot To Murder Two SA Judges, Court Told

An undercover police operation stopped two South Australian prisoners from acting on a plot to kill two judges and threaten the life of a senior police officer, a court hears.

Hendrik Gysbertus Van Schaik and Frederick Bernard Walkuski have gone on trial charged with conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to endanger life.

The Supreme Court heard Walkuski wanted revenge on District Court Judge Paul Rice for a 17-year sentence he imposed in May 2009.

Walkuski allegedly offered Van Schaik $15,000 to murder Judge Rice and his wife Rosemary Davey, who is also a judge.

Prosecutor Sandi McDonald said Van Schaik was going to firebomb the judge’s house and, for a further $5,000, also set fire to the car and home of Chief Inspector Craig Wall.

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Source: www.abc.net.au

SA Police Commissioner Gary Burns Reveals 35 Per Cent Surge In Reported Child Pornography

South Australian police have revealed a 35 per cent surge in reported child pornography offences as new technology makes access and distribution easier.

Sex crimes that don’t involve physical assault, such as the filming or viewing child pornography, rose to 419 reports in 2013-14 up from 311 in the previous year.

Police Commissioner Gary Burns explained that crime category was responsible for a 12 per cent increase in overall sexual assault and related offences, at a time when other crime was reportedly down.

“The predominant jump has been in the non-assault of sexual offences, so child pornography, the viewing of child pornography online, engaging in indecent filming and acts of gross indecency,” Mr Burns told a parliamentary committee.

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Source: www.adelaidenow.com.au