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Report to Police, not Facebook

If it’s important enough to post on Facebook, then it’s important enough to report to police.

That’s the message from Bunbury Police officer in charge Peter Jenal and Bunbury Crime Stoppers Facebook page administrator Greg Garbelini.

With about 15,500 members, Bunbury Crime Stoppers was hailed by Mr Garbelini as a “community within a community” where concerned locals can post the sighting of crimes in the Bunbury region. 

But Mr Garbelini said the page was not associated with police and members should report directly to authorities…

Source: www.bunburymail.com.au

Opinion: Let’s Not Demonize the Police

“Condemning the police for using deadly force against unarmed persons makes an assumption that “unarmed” means “harmless,” writes Tim Dees. “One does not have to have a gun to be a deadly threat. An agitated suspect wacked out on drugs, with mental illness issues and of superior size can pose a serious threat to an officer requiring a split-second decision to use deadly force.” Dees is a writer, trainer, former law enforcement officer and criminal justice professor. His comments were made in an op-ed piece in the April 3 issue of USA Today.

Based on the number of national protests the past year, one would think over 95 percent of our law enforcement officers are out-of-control storm troopers, racists, trigger-happy and prone to using excessive force when protecting the law-abiding public.

No doubt there are a few bad apples wearing badges and carrying guns, but I’d prefer to recognize and support the vast majority of officers who defend, serve and protect us against those who wish to do us harm. It’s a dangerous world. There are evil people around. We need to remember who we call when we need emergency services and are under attack.

Source: www.delphosherald.com