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New South Wales Police Force “Class 326” Graduates – 105 New Recruits Ready For Duty

More than 100 new officers joined the ranks of the NSW Police Force on Friday, December 11. The 105 recruits were sworn in at an attestation parade at the NSW Police Force Academy in Goulburn. Continue reading New South Wales Police Force “Class 326” Graduates – 105 New Recruits Ready For Duty

Law Enforcement Recruiters In Kansas Facing Challenges

Law enforcement agencies around Kansas are struggling to recruit new officers, and officials speculate that negative publicity that has accompanied a number of high-profile incidents could be playing a role. But other factors may be playing a bigger role in making recruiting more challenging these days, recruiters say. Continue reading Law Enforcement Recruiters In Kansas Facing Challenges

Graduating With Highest Distinction, New Police Officers Ready for Duty In Tasmania’s North West

The North-West will have seven new officers moving to the region soon, with the officers graduating from the Tasmania Police Academy yesterday.

Continue reading Graduating With Highest Distinction, New Police Officers Ready for Duty In Tasmania’s North West

Police Numbers Fall Despite SA Government’s Promise of Extra Officers


Police numbers in South Australia have fallen by 48 in the past year, despite a State Government vow to make the streets safer by adding hundreds of extra officers.

As the Government is targeted by the Police Association in a public campaign to restore extra compensation benefits for police injured at work, it can be revealed that the election promise is under a cloud.

Labor first made the pledge at the 2010 election, declaring that it would expand SA Police by 313 staff, compared to employment levels at the time. Premier Jay Weatherill restated the promise in his 2014 election manifesto, setting his Government a deadline of mid-2018 to deliver the boost.

However, new figures in the latest SA Police annual report show that just 71 staff have been added in the past five years since the pledge was first made. The size of the force has actually fallen by 48 to 4475 in the past 12 months.

Police have complained that an increase in paperwork and compliance created by legislation passed under Labor’s law-and-order crackdown of the past decade, has significantly lifted workloads.

Opposition police spokesman John Gardner said it was clear the Government “will not come anywhere near meeting” its recruitment promise and should apologise to voters.

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New South Wales Police Academy Student Numbers Dwindling

Student numbers are dwindling at the NSW Police Academy. From classes of 400 in 2012 to just 109 in May this year, numbers alone seem to paint a picture of a Force in a ‘slump’.

In an interview with the Goulburn Post on Wednesday, NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said the decrease came down to a number of factors.

Attributing to the decline are historical low levels of officers leaving the NSW Police – from an average of 80 per month to just 20.

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Source: www.goulburnpost.com.au

Tasmania Police Offers Accelerated Entry for Serving and Former Aussie and NZ Officers

Are you a serving/former police officer looking for a sea change? Tasmania Police could be for you!

Tasmania are now accepting Expressions of Interest from serving and former police officers from all Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions to participate in an Accelerated Training Program commencing in September 2015 and graduating before Christmas 2015. This intake will be restricted to limited numbers but there may be further opportunities in 2016.

Further information on requirements, selection process and training is available on Tasmania Police website, or by phoning Tasmania Police Recruiting Services on 1800 628 680.

Source: www.police.tas.gov.au

Darling Downs Newest Police Officers Pound the Beat With High Aspirations

They just graduated from the police academy last week, but six new cops already have high aspirations of becoming the commissioner.

While they may have been joking around, these fresh faces are ready to do their part for the community as some of Queensland’s newest police officers.

First-year-constables Alyx Still, Greg Doyle, Paul Rodgers and Will Sullivan will spend the next 12 months at the Toowoomba station while Luke Reid and Sam Acutt will be stationed in Gatton.

Read more and watch the report in The Chronicle.

Source: www.thechronicle.com.au

New Met Police Recruits Must Speak Second Language In A Pilot Scheme

Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe wants to recruit officers who can speak languages used on London’s streets.

Aspiring police constables must speak an additional language to join London’s Metropolitan Police under a month-long pilot scheme starting today.

Scotland Yard is hoping the new criteria will help police “engage with London’s diverse communities as effectively as possible”.

To be considered for one of the sought-after positions with the capital’s police force, applicants must speak one of 14 additional languages.

New recruits must be able to converse in either Yoruba (Nigeria), Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Italian, German, Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Sinhala (Sri Lanka) or Bengali, in addition to English.

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Source: www.thenorthernecho.co.uk