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South Utah Organization Vests K-9s Nationwide

If Facebook “likes” really represent popularity, K-9 officer-in-training Tank is no stranger to fame.

Washington City business Tread Armament and Weaponry offered to donate Tank a bullet and stab-proof vest through an organization called Vesting America’s Police K-9s if a photo of him posted on Facebook garnered 1 million “likes.”

Support for Tread Armament and Vesting America’s Police K-9s’ efforts to vest furry officers across the U.S. is contributing to a trend of making sure K-9s are safe on the job, said Kathy Williams, volunteer in the cause.

Williams said she watched coverage of the Zions Bank robbery that happened Sept. 11, 2014, in St. George.

Law enforcement officials sent K-9s to search for the suspect; Williams noticed they wore no protective gear.

“I thought that was really unusual because the dogs were the ones going into the most dangerous part,” she said. “At first I thought, ‘Someone should do something about that. Why not me?’”

But a bit of research showed police departments’ inabilities to fund K-9 knife and bullet-proof vests aren’t rare; Whitney said they’re expensive to begin with.

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Tasmania’s Canine Recruits To Crack Down On Ice

A team of canine cops are part of Tasmania’s latest crackdown on trafficking of the drug ice. Labradors Aggie and Yardley are just two weeks into their police training, from which they will graduate with the ability to sniff out crystal meth and cash. Police commissioner Darren Hine says they will be part of a five-dog squad targeting the importation and movement of ice around Tasmania.

The dogs will work across the state and will be used at airports, ports and mail centres, which Mr Hine said were hot spots for ice arriving from overseas and mainland Australia. The 15-month-old trainees will join an existing sniffer dog, and the Tasmanian government will fund two more puppies.

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Police Dog Freddie Takes Down Axe Burglar

An axe-wielding burglar has been taken down by Western Australia Police dog Freddie after fleeing from police in Perth’s wealthy western suburbs. The man was arrested in Dalkeith on Tuesday after police were called to a house burglary around 3pm. The victim interrupted the offender while he was allegedly robbing the house and called police after the man fled.

A WA police spokeswoman said the police helicopter and dog squad were involved in searching for the man when he was located running with an axe towards the nearby Swan River.

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Real Nose For Trouble: Drug Dog Makes Eight Detections During CBD Operation At Dubbo

A Police operation targeting illegal drugs in Dubbo has produced results almost immediately, with officers recording eight positive tests in just one morning.

Police from Orana Local Area Command carried out the high-visibility operation in the Dubbo central business district on Wednesday.

A black drug detection dog and its handler were part of the team who took to the CBD as part of the initiative targeting the sale and supply of illegal drugs, according to Orana Local Area Command duty officer Inspector Scott Tanner.

He said the officers and the dog entered shops, walked along the main street and made their way through other high-traffic areas.

In the four hours between 8am and midday on Wednesday, Inspector Tanner said, officers made two positive detections for ice, five for cannabis and one for prescription drugs.

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Police Dog Flynn Confronts Dangerous Addicts On Melbourne’s Streets

Leading Senior Constable Mick Collins and his dog, Flynn, are at the frontline of the fight against Melbourne’s ice scourge. Flynn, 7, is one of five “critical incident” canines among 22 dogs in the Victoria Police Dog Squad.

Sen-Constable Collins, 35, said Flynn was involved in a number of confrontations with drug addicts, including those on ice. “He (Flynn) has been in several situations were he has been assaulted,” he said.

Ice addicts are dangerous because the drug gives them increased bravado and a higher pain tolerance. In one incident Flynn was kicked and punched by a man who was too drug affected to realise the dog was biting him.

Flynn’s transformation from overexcited pup to courageous police dog is one of 15 stories in the new book, The Dog Squad, by Vikki Petraitis.

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New Zealand Police Patrol and Specialist Teams Compete In Championships

Twelve police patrol dog teams and ten specialist detector dogs and handlers are competing for national honours this week in the National Police Dog and Detector Dog Championships being held in the greater Wellington region.

It’s also an inter-agency test in the explosives detector category with 2011 champions Senior Constable Hamish Todd and Cindy from Wellington up against three Aviation Security teams.

The championships end tomorrow afternoon when Police Commissioner Mike Bush presents the prize winners with their trophies.

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