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NSW Police Officers Raid a Large Meth Lab, Seize Firearms, and Large Amounts of Drugs and Ammo

Ruger .22 rifle with 1000 rounds of ammo were seized
Ruger .22 rifle with 1000 rounds of ammo were seized. Source: NSW Police Force
New South Wales Police arrested two men, shut down a large-scale clandestine drug laboratory and seized drugs and a firearm following an operation in Sydney’s south-west late last week.

State Crime Command’s Organised Crime Squad together with the NSW Crime Commission has been investigating an alleged ‘ice’ (methylamphetamine) manufacturing operation at Greendale.

About 9.40am on Friday 21 August 2015, police arrested a 39-year-old South-Wentworthville man at Burwood and seized $30,000 from his vehicle.

A second man, aged 43 and from Greendale, was arrested at his home, with a search warrant conducted at the property a short time later.

A large-scale clandestine drug laboratory was located in a shed at the rear of the property and processed by officers from the Drug Squad’s specialist Chemical Operations Team.

The laboratory was inactive at the time of the search, but numerous chemicals and equipment used in the manufacture of prohibited drugs were located. Police also seized 15kg of ‘ice’ and more than half a kilogram of pseudoephedrine.

A Ruger-brand .22 rifle and silencer, as well as approximately 1000 rounds of ammunition, were located and seized.

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Interpol Training Police To Fight Crime On The ‘Darknet’


The ‘darknet’ is the ugly and dangerous underbelly of Internet. Hidden behind ‘Tor’ and similar networking software that provides nearly complete anonymity, the darknet websites offer child pornography, illicit drug trade (made almost as easy as eBay), prostitution and many other unsavoury “products”. Oftentimes the largest beneficiaries are international mafia chapters and all other kinds of organized crime elements.

One of the most popular websites, The Silk Road, was managed by individuals not directly connected to organized crime, yet still managed to pull total sales of $US200 million. Money that was effectively routed around legal channels to make the drug dealers, bootleggers and  other criminals richer.

The arrest, trial and conviction of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht — and his sentence of life in prison — was a stark reminder that 21st century policing is a different game and one that the police need to get better at. Given the decidedly global nature of online crime, it probably makes sense for police forces around the world to be learning from a similar playbook. 

FBI notice of seizure displayed to users
FBI notice of seizure displayed to users

Interpol is trying to help with preparing police forces for online crime by offering a training course in policing ‘the Darknet’. During the five-day course, officers from around the world got to play with a virtual online drug marketplace, acting as buyers, sellers and admins to get a better understanding of how Tor and Bitcoin, two fundamentals of illegal online marketplaces, actually function. They also got to practice seizing and taking down websites, a popular option for law enforcement trying to shut down online drug trades.

South Australian Parliament Passes Bill Targeting Serious and Organised Crime


Tough new laws targeting serious and organised crime gangs have passed State Parliament today.
Attorney General John Rau said these laws would have significant impact on the criminal activity of these gangs.
“These groups have blatant disregard for community safety,” he said.
“Events as recently as last weekend have again shown how dangerous these organisations can be.
“SA Police have told us they need these laws in order to better protect the community, and thanks to the passing of this legislation today they will now have a range of new tools they can use to combat the illegal activity of these gangs.”
Mr Rau said the Bill was amended to remove the interstate organisations following discussions with Opposition Leader Steven Marshall.
“It was important to me that this Bill pass this week, “ Mr Rau said.
“I was only prepared to offer this compromise after discussions with the Police
Commissioner confirmed that the Bill still contains all of their priority targets.
“If these interstate organisations come to South Australia in the future we will be able to add them by regulation.”
Mr Rau said following the passage of the Bill through the Parliament it would come into affect as quickly as possible.
“It is very important that Police are able to use these new measures as quickly as possible,” he said.
“These new laws send a clear message to criminal gangs, we do not accept their behaviour and they are not welcome in our community.”

News release: http://www.premier.sa.gov.au/images/news_releases/2015/15_07Jul/seriousorganisedcrimepass.pdf

Queensland Police Seize Firearms And Drugs After Accidentally Raiding The Wrong House

Police startled an elderly couple and their autistic son after they accidentally raided their home when trying to bust a man linked to the Bandidos bikie gang.
The family were shaken by the incident and then watched as the police headed next door where they seized drugs estimated to be worth $26,000, weapons and $12,000 in cash.
Police told The Courier-Mail they “inadvertently went to a neighbouring address” and later went back to apologise to the family.
“Senior police attended and met with the residents of the neighbouring property and apologised on behalf of the service.”, a police spokesman said.
Despite the setback, three people were charged after the raid which allegedly netted ice (methamphetamines), steroids, cannabis, a weapon understood to be a BB gun, a taser disguised as a mobile phone, a telescopic baton, and stolen audio visual equipment.

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Source: www.couriermail.com.au

Ed: only a minor setback in the Major Doorkickers League 🙂 Good job QPS taking the drugs and firearms off our streets.

Operation Mike Tyras: Massive Amount of Cannabis Seized By Queensland Police Service

Operation Mike Tyras investigates organised commercial drug network operating from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane. Queensland Police have discovered $1 million worth of cannabis smuggled in a false floor welded into the back of a ute on the Gold Coast.

nvestigators intercepted a white ute on the Warrego Highway at Withcott on June 4, following a tip off that the vehicle, travelling from South Australia to Queensland, might have been carrying illicit drugs.

They discovered $5000 in cash and noticed a false floor had been welded into the back of the ute.

Upon further search investigators discovered a “sophisticated” hydraulic-operated false cavity below the tray, containing 200 one pound bags of cannabis at an estimated worth of $1 million.

The tip off was obtained during Operation Mike Tyras, which was an eight-month investigation into an organised commercial drug network operating from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane.

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Source: www.couriermail.com.au

RAP Commander Jim Keogh Says the War Between Bikies and Police Will Never Be Over

They won the battle but Rapid Action Patrol squad boss, Superintendent Jim Keogh, says the war between bikies and police will never be over.

“We have great wins but the overall fight will continue,” Supt Keogh said.

“The only way you’d ever win overall battles is if the demand wasn’t there but it is clearly there.

“If you can make a $100,000-a-week profit, there will always be that demand. They don’t want to turn their back on it.

“It’s going to be an ongoing problem long after I’m dead and buried and long past Islamic State.”

The departing RAP squad commander’s comments came after widespread bikie raids by Taskforce Maxima and Queensland police this week that saw 10 Mongols and 47 of their associates charged with drugs and weapons offences.

They were nabbed through undercover stings and tip-offs.

Read more in Courier Mail.

Source: www.couriermail.com.au

Gangland Matriarch Judy Moran Suing Over Alleged Prison Guard Attacks

Gangland matriarch Judy Moran is suing the Victorian Government for damages, ­alleging she has been left in “permanent pain” following two assaults by prison staff.

The 71-year-old, sentenced in 2011 to 26 years in jail for the murder of Des “Tuppence” Moran, claims she is the victim of two violent attacks by staff at the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre in Deer Park.

The Herald Sun has seen court papers issued by legal adviser George Defteros, which detail the two alleged attacks.

Moran claims the first ­attack took place on October 24, 2009, while she was awaiting trial.

She says two officers from the jail’s riot squad “unlawfully assaulted” her.

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Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

Traffickers Used Commercial Airlines To Move Drugs Between Gold Coast and Mackay

Police say they have shut down a major drug ring that had shifted large amounts of ecstasy and amphetamines between the Gold Coast and Mackay, including on commercial flights.

Detective Inspector Terry Lawrence said those involved were obtaining the drugs on the Gold Coast and either driving or flying them on commercial airlines to Mackay.

The year-long operation, dubbed Operation Mike Variety, came to a close yesterday with 40 arrests on the Coast and in the north Queensland town.

Detectives from Taskforce Maxima executed 30 search warrants – 10 on the Coast and 20 in Mackay – with at least 10 of those arrested members of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

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Source: www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au

Wagga Police Blitz Drugs, Property Theft

Police may have smashed an extensive drug ring with 13 arrests and dozens more expected to be made on Wednesday – including a local corrections officer.

In an unprecedented operation, 110 police executed 12 search warrants across Wagga, Coolamon and Junee on Tuesday morning that saw 12 males and one female arrested and charged with drug supply, property and other offences.

While Superintendent Bob Noble expected more than 30 people to be arrested in coming days under Wagga Local Area Command’s (LAC) Strike Force Calyx, he explained the extent of those in custody to be “eye-opening”.

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Source: www.donnybrookmail.com.au

SA’s Anti-Bikie Laws: Scrutiny To Stop Legislation Being Pushed Through

Plans to push tough bikie legislation through both Houses of Parliament this week are likely to be thwarted at a Liberal party room meeting today.

Opposition deputy leader and legal affairs spokeswoman Vickie Chapman yesterday said that after closely examining the legislation since it was introduced 10 days ago, “serious concerns’’ had been raised over some aspects — primarily the government giving itself the sole power to declare a group a criminal organisation.

She said while the Opposition had supported previous anti-bikie legislation, it was now inclined to have any new legislation closely scrutinised to ensure it did not fail again.

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Source: www.adelaidenow.com.au