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Queensland Police Officers Abused By ‘Masochistic’ Man

Who in their right mind would start abusing police for no reason?

That was the question raised by an Ipswich magistrate when a man faced court this week for swearing at police at a busy railway station.

The officers had been assisting a mentally-handicapped woman with directions when a male bystander started yelling obscenities at them.

The 23-year-old, Jesse Peter Lomas, was approached by the police and continued to direct abusive language at them.

When he ignored the officer’s command to stop swearing, he was placed under arrest and taken to the watchhouse…

Source: www.qt.com.au

Mental Health Training Adds To Texas Sheriff’s Job Scope

Closed circuit monitors record every movement Kerr County Detention Center inmates make, but the quiet ones often worry Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer the most.

Hierholzer shook his head as a woman slept facing a wall. In another cell, a man lay motionless on the floor near the door under a blanket.

“If she wasn’t asleep, she’d be crawling all over the walls,” Hierholzer said. “She’s an animal in a cage, and she does not need to be in our facility. That guy, lying on the floor under a suicide blanket. He shouldn’t be here either.”

The drug addiction, alcoholism and violent offenses that land many prisoners behind bars often is rooted in mental illness. And, for inmates, their families and the law enforcement officers who may risk their lives responding to crisis calls, there is no relief in sight.

Source: newsok.com