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Police Informant Sues NSW Crime Commission for Millions Over Dangerous Work Conditions

NSW Police Badge

One of the state’s top police informants is suing the Crime Commission for millions of dollars in an unprecedented legal action which claims it put his life in danger and failed to reward him properly.

The man, who traded intelligence for cash payments for more than a decade, claims his tip-offs prevented murders, including one involving a public official, and resulted in spectacular police operations, drug seizures and arrests.

The informant, whose identity has been suppressed, is now seeking several million dollars for breach of contract, claiming rewards were not paid, along with an unspecified amount for breaching its duty of care and compromising identity. He alleges his safety was compromised, once due to lax surveillance during a meeting with his handler and on another ­occasion because commission officers moved too quickly on intelligence he provided, ­despite being asked to hold off.

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