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Law Enforcement Recruiters In Kansas Facing Challenges

Law enforcement agencies around Kansas are struggling to recruit new officers, and officials speculate that negative publicity that has accompanied a number of high-profile incidents could be playing a role. But other factors may be playing a bigger role in making recruiting more challenging these days, recruiters say. Continue reading Law Enforcement Recruiters In Kansas Facing Challenges

Police Officer Buys Diapers, Shoes for Mom Who Shoplifted Them For Kids

When he arrived, officer Mark Engravalle noticed three of her kids were barefoot and had dirty feet. A Kansas mom thought she was going to jail when she was caught stealing at Walmart. But what happened next left her in tears.

The woman said she was running out of diapers for her 2-year-old twin daughters when she walked into Walmart in Roeland Park, Kansas, on July 6.

When Roeland Park police officer Mark Engravalle arrived, he noticed that some of the children with Robinson were barefoot and had dirty feet.

After releasing Robinson with a citation for misdemeanor theft, Engravalle went back inside the store with her children and bought diapers, baby wipes and clothes for the children. He even let the girls pick out their own shoes.

“The officer had two children of his own, and he thought of his two kids,” Demoss said. “He thought it was the right thing to do.”

Read more in ABC News.

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Officer’s Perspective: Wichita State University Study On Racial Profiling Accusations

Police across Kansas feel they are targets of “built-in” bias and say they are wrongly accused of racial profiling. Those sentiments underlie findings of a new study by a Wichita State University professor for the Kansas Department of Transportation. Specifically, 39 of 61 officers interviewed for the research said they had been accused of racial profiling at least once during a traffic stop. Yet none said they were the subject of a formal complaint following the traffic stop.

Source: www.kansas.com

Topeka Police Complete Training On Veterans’ Mental Health Needs

Topeka police and other law enforcement officers wrapped up three days of training Thursday on mental health issues some veterans and their families face.

The classes built on the basic Crisis Intervention Team training many Topeka police officers have received to help them identify when a call involves mental health issues, said Shawn Kimble, who is the department’s designated CIT officer. The Kansas Army and Air National Guard, the Veteran’s Administration and Valeo Behavioral Health Care provided some of the training presentations, he said.

“We wouldn’t want to do this training by ourselves,” he said.

Source: cjonline.com