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Meet the New Queensland Police Cadaver Dogs

Three dogs with unique skills will be sworn into the Queensland Police Service on Thursday, putting their intense training into practice.

Police Dogs (PDs) Bertie, Larry and Prue will be officially sworn in at the QPS Academy, Oxley campus, as Human Remains Detection Specialist (cadaver) dogs.

The four-legged comrades have undergone intense specialist training with their handlers and are stationed at the Brisbane Dog Squad where they perform duties throughout the state as Cadaver Detection Police Dog Teams.

The only other state to have cadaver dogs is New South Wales, which results in regular requests for the Queensland team to provide assistance to other police departments throughout Australia.

As of Thursday, the QPS will have 68 General Purpose dogs, five Explosive Ordinance Response Team dogs, 11 Drug Detection dogs, and four Human Remains Detection (cadaver) dogs.

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Source: www.skynews.com.au

Dogs Prove They Are Still a Cops’ Best Tool In Age of Technology

In an age of technology, dogs are still the best tool police have to track a person on the run.

The dog squad plays an important role in operational policing on the Gold Coast and will be a key component during the Commonwealth Games.

Police are already factoring counter-terrorism safeguards in which the Coast’s eight dogs will play a role.

Up to 3000 officers will be deployed in a massive security blanket protecting VIPs, athletes and the public in April 2018.

Sergeant Gary Hamrey and his dog Biff gave the Bulletin an insight into the dog squad.

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Source: www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au

Dognapped NSW Police Puppy Mr Green Renamed MacGyver After TV Series Action Hero

He was dognapped during his first week on the force, but now this fearless police pup is back in training to fight all forms of crime.

As a fresh recruit, the newly-named MacGyver, a Dutch Shepard, was stolen from the back of a marked police car in Gymea on June 18, sparking an All Pooch Bulletin and extensive search throughout Sydney’s southern suburbs.

Fortunately, he was spotted shortly after by a police patrol in Sutherland in the arms of a 17-year-old girl. She later apologised to police and claimed it was a misunderstanding.

Formerly known as Mr Green before he was snatched, police decided to turn to Facebook fans who had helped find the trainee police dog, to give him a new name.

Cult ‘80s American TV action hero MacGyver, played by actor Richard Dean Anderson, was the clear winner.

MacGyver, now 13 weeks old, is doing basic obedience training at the squad’s Menai headquarters and will spend the next year being trained to help officers in search and rescue missions, apprehending criminals and tracking missing people.

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Local PD In Ohio Get Warning System To Protect Police Dogs From Hot Cars

About 30 police dogs across the U.S. have died since 2012, trapped in squad vehicles during hot weather. From Ohio Public Radio station WCPN, Brian Bull reports that one local K-9 unit in Twinsburg is stepping up efforts to keep its four-legged partners safe.

The device is called the Hot N Pop Pro by Ace K9. The device alerts the officer if he doesn’t let the dog out of the back by beeping the horn or even turning on the siren.

If there’s no response, heat sensors track the temperature and if it gets too hot, the windows roll down, a fan turns on and the air conditioning automatically turns on. It also alerts if the car battery is low.

Twinsburg’s PD has not suffered the loss of a K9 animal to heat-related causes. Altogether, there are about 20,000 police dogs serving in K9 units, according to the North American Police Work Dog Association.

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Source: www.wksu.org

Popular New South Wales Police Dog Now A Real-Action Hero

The NSW Police dog unit has renamed one of their more famous pooches after a 1980s action hero — MacGyver.

Following his adventures, police asked the public to help name the training puppy.

After two weeks and thousands of suggestions from the public, he has been renamed MacGyver.

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Retired Military Dogs Find New Purpose Helping Police Combat Methamphetamine

Five retired military dogs that spent years working in war zones are putting their noses to new uses by helping police in the U.S. combat methamphetamine and other drugs.

The dogs are being deployed to departments in Indiana, Texas, Tennessee, Nebraska and Georgia as part of a venture that organizers say gives police a resource they couldn’t otherwise afford and provides the dogs a new mission.

“If you were to look at these dogs and watch them, when they come back, they’re ready to work,” said Mike Thomas, a Harris County, Texas, sheriff’s officer and board member for the Houston-based organization K9s4Cops, which is using a $25,000 grant from Westport Pharmaceuticals in St. Louis to acquire the dogs and train them to work with their new handlers.

Police dogs typically cost $10,000 to $15,000 each, but K9s4Cops was able to stretch the Westport grant to cover more animals because the retired military dogs were already trained.

The dogs placed through the grant include Axel, a 5-year-old German shepherd that spent three years in Afghanistan as a search and narcotics dog. He’ll spend the rest of his working career in Indianapolis, where he’s been assigned to the Lawrence Township School District police force.

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Police Dog Anya Helps Swan Valley Chase

The Police Air Wing and Dog Squad tracked a couple through part of the Swan Valley on Friday morning. Shortly before 2am police were told about two suspicious people near homes on Hillinger Turn, Jane Brook. When they arrived, officers saw people jumping over a wooden fence.

Police Dog Anya was sent in…

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RCMP Service Dog Visits 5-year-old Manitoba Boy Who Named Him

Five-year-old Jackson Antoniw met face to face with the RCMP service dog he helped name when Hector made a rare school visit.

Jackson came up with the name Hector for one of the pups of the potential police service dogs born at the Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alta.

Hector was a hit and was announced a winner in the RCMP’s national Name the Puppy Contest.

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Mourning The Death Of Police K9 Accidentally Left In Hot Car

The Gulf Shores Police Department is mourning the death of one of its service dogs, a yellow lab named Mason. Local residents are also expressing their emotions over the story, in many cases sadness and anger over the way Mason died.

A Gulf Shores, Alabama police officer has been disciplined following the death of a police K9 that was left in a hot patrol car.
Gulf Shores officials said that on Thursday Corporal Josh Coleman accidentally left the dog, Mason, in the back of a patrol car.   Coleman realized he’d left Mason back there after about 45 minutes.
When Coleman got to the car, Mason was in distress and they rushed him to the vet. Mason passed away on Friday night.
Coleman has been disciplined, but specific details on the punishment have not been released. 

Official statement from the DA’s Office: 

“The District Attorney’s Office was contacted by Lt. Bill Cowan of the Gulf Shores Police Department on Saturday, June 20th, 2015, regarding the the death of a K-9 Officer.

Based on the preliminary information, the assistant district attorney agreed with Lt. Cowan that an arrest was not appropriate at that time.

The investigation is ongoing.  Once the investigation is complete, a Grand Jury will perform a review of the facts and determine if any criminal conduct has or has not occurred.”

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Ed: Rest in peace Mason.