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Police Powers Set To Get Boost To Deal With Methamphetamine Crisis

Police powers to seize drug dealers’ cash and assets are in line for a boost as politicians grapple with a nationwide upsurge in ice addiction.
The National Ice Taskforce presented its interim report to the Council of Australian Governments meeting on Thursday, after spending two months consulting stakeholders around the country.
Researchers have found more Australians use ice and methamphetamine than any other nationality – a title the government is eager to let go.
The taskforce recommended a national co-operative strategy for seizing money and assets from drug dealers, rather than the current state-by-state system.
It also proposed increasing local communities’ ability to respond to ice addiction through stronger support for grass-level intervention and treatment services.

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Impact of Meth a Major Focus of New South Wales Police Top Brass Tour

The frightening impact of ice has been rammed home as a major issue of concern during a top brass tour of regional police stations.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and Deputy Premier Troy Grant visited Dubbo, Mudgee, Parkes, Forbes, Temora, Wagga Wagga, Goulburn, Bowral and Nowra this week in the latest leg of a statewide consultation with front line officers and command teams.

“The tour has been looking at the issues impacting on police and the challenges they are facing,” Mr Grant said on Wednesday.

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Police Link Victoria Knife Crime To Methamphetamine Users

Ice users are increasing arming themselves with weapons including knives and guns, Victoria’s top cop says.

Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton said he believed increased knife crime throughout the state was linked to the prevalence of the drug.

“Ice users are increasingly arming themselves, and our members are pulling them up with guns in their cars. I certainly see it as a bit of an issue at the moment,” Mr Ashton told 3AW on Thursday.

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Nationals MP George Christensen Asks Ice Taskforce To Consider Corporal Punishment

Drug traffickers should be caned under new laws mirroring Singapore’s, according to a Queensland MP. 

Federal Nationals MP George Christensen has written to the head of the Government’s Ice Taskforce, Ken Lay, asking him to consider the punishment for the country’s worst drug offenders.

“I have asked Ken Lay and the Ice Taskforce to conduct research on Singapore’s use of corporal punishment and its correlation to reducing levels of drug offences,” the MP said.

Mr Christensen said he was reiterating the call of many in the community for tougher penalties for drug pushers.

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Ice Drug Dealer Brutally Attacked Toddler; Now In Wheelchair for Life

A Sydney toddler had only just learnt to walk when his mother’s boyfriend allegedly attacked him in February.

Now the boy, who was 13 months old at the time, will never walk again, police say.

On Wednesday, a man, 25, charged with the assault, appeared in court for the first time and was formally refused bail.

Police arrested the man on Tuesday and will allege he is also involved in the supply of the drugs ice and ecstasy.

Officers attached to Strike Force Racemosa raided the man’s house in western Sydney and allegedly found drugs and number of items they believe were stolen.

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Queensland Police ‘Freeze’ Sunshine Coast Ice Trade In $1.5m Bust

Eight months, 92 arrests, 214 charges and at least three kingpins charged under VLAD legislation.

The result: $1.5 million worth of ice was taken off our streets, after Sunshine Coast Police smashed a highly-sophisticated drug syndicate.

The multi-agency operation, which kicked off last October yesterday came to fruition, as police conducted raids across the Coast, in Landsborough, Mooloolah, Caloundra, Kawana, Maroochydore, Yandina and Sunshine Beach, charging 41 residents with drug trafficking in the final stages of Operation Mike Tyras.

More than 2.5kg of methylamphetamine (ice) was seized throughout the course of the investigation, which saw police target the syndicate in regional centres throughout Queensland, including Cairns, Moreton Bay, Ipswich and inner and outer suburbs of Brisbane.

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New South Wales Police Cleared Over Chase Of Methamphetamine Fueled Driver

A coroner has cleared police of wrongdoing after a former concreter high on methamphetamine died when his car hit a power pole and burst into flames during an early-morning high-speed chase.

Steven Anthony Dahms, 44, was killed before flames took hold of the BMW he had used to try to outrun police during the six-kilometre chase from Teralba to Barnsley early on May 8, 2013.

Police began chasing Mr Dahms’ car when it took off from the Teralba railway station car park minutes after railway staff had reported two people attempting to break into a ticket-vending machine about 3.30am.

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Retired Military Dogs Find New Purpose Helping Police Combat Methamphetamine

Five retired military dogs that spent years working in war zones are putting their noses to new uses by helping police in the U.S. combat methamphetamine and other drugs.

The dogs are being deployed to departments in Indiana, Texas, Tennessee, Nebraska and Georgia as part of a venture that organizers say gives police a resource they couldn’t otherwise afford and provides the dogs a new mission.

“If you were to look at these dogs and watch them, when they come back, they’re ready to work,” said Mike Thomas, a Harris County, Texas, sheriff’s officer and board member for the Houston-based organization K9s4Cops, which is using a $25,000 grant from Westport Pharmaceuticals in St. Louis to acquire the dogs and train them to work with their new handlers.

Police dogs typically cost $10,000 to $15,000 each, but K9s4Cops was able to stretch the Westport grant to cover more animals because the retired military dogs were already trained.

The dogs placed through the grant include Axel, a 5-year-old German shepherd that spent three years in Afghanistan as a search and narcotics dog. He’ll spend the rest of his working career in Indianapolis, where he’s been assigned to the Lawrence Township School District police force.

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Opinion: Police Must Stand Strong Against Drug Gangs Or We’ll All Suffer The Consequences

The thing that worries me the most these days is the risk of drugs, particularly ice, which seems to have invaded our communities.

I interviewed the outgoing head of the Gold Coast Rapid Action Patrol Group, Superintendent Jim Keogh last week. He’s been in the police force for 36 years and you’d think he’d be fairly hard to shock.

But even he admits ice is the most insidious drug that he has seen.

Scarily, many users perceive ice as a ‘safe’ drug, but Supt Keogh says three hits and you’re hooked.

His team regularly find ice pipes in cars and houses during raids and that young girls in their early 20s are ‘pre-loading’ on ice before a night out.

“It just cooks your brain,” he told me.

“It astounds me to see the amount of ice pipes we find in vehicles. Young girls are preloading by using an ice pipe before a night out. It’s a lot cheaper than cocaine, it’s quick, easy and to a degree clean, in that there’s no needle.

“I think they feel it’s trendy – the lay person’s cocaine. See them three to four years later – if they’re alive – and you’ll see the real effects of ice.”

With this in mind my husband and I have already started having conversations with our eldest son about drugs.

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Judge Quotes Positive Effects Of Ice On Driving, Acquits Of Dangerous Driving Charge

A South Australian mother who seriously injured a boy when she ran a red light has been acquitted of a dangerous-driving charge by a judge who took into account expert evidence that the methylamphetamine in her system may have had a “positive effect” on her abilities behind the wheel.

The court had heard the boy suffered a broken leg, a collapsed lung, abdominal injuries, skull fractures and cuts to his face after Lenarczyk, 39, of Highbury, smashed into him as he made his way through a pedestrian crossing along The Grove Way, Salisbury Heights.

District Court Judge Barry Beazley on Thursday found her guilty of the lesser charge of driving without due care, because it was not proved the “mid level” recording of the drug in her system caused any adverse effect to her driving.

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