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Ask a Trooper: Minnesota Law prohibits Quotas for Traffic Tickets

Q: A friend told me cops have to write a certain amount of tickets each month, otherwise they get in trouble. He also said this is why you see so many more out on the streets and highways at the end of the month trying to get their numbers in. Is this true?
A: Traffic citation quotas are prohibited in Minnesota. State Statute 169.985 says, “A law enforcement agency may not order, mandate, require or suggest to a peace officer a quota for the issuance of traffic citations, including administrative citations authorized under section 169.999, on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.”

Source: www.duluthnewstribune.com

Ed: another myth busted

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner on Speeding and Drug Driving

Speed continues to be the biggest killer on the Shoalhaven’s roads. The NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn, who as one of her duties oversees the operation of the Highway Patrol, was in the Shoalhaven on Friday as part of a whistlestop tour of the region and revealed speeding continues to be the biggest killer on the region’s roads…

Source: www.southcoastregister.com.au