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New South Wales Police Make Four Arrests, Seize Firearms After Traffic Stop

Four people have been arrested and a number of firearms seized following an incident at Berkeley Vale tonight.

Police from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command stopped a Ford Falcon station wagon about 7pm on Wyong Road.

There were three men and a woman inside the vehicle. When officers approached the car, one of the men allegedly ran from the scene.

Police allegedly found firearms during a search of the car. These have been seized for forensic examination.

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Victoria Police Highway Patrol Infiltrates Hoon Gathering

Wyndham Highway Patrol (HWP) got word of a large car meet at the BP servo on Ballan Road, Wyndham Vale out in the west near Werribee. It seems that this was an informal gathering, and the unmarked car just slipped into the convoy of some 40 cars, un-noticed.

And there, out in the countryside, a 20 year old man from Sunshine indulged in what police described on their Facebook page as a “a series of anti-social driving manouvers”. At this point the HWP made their presence known, and a result the man has had his car impounded for 30 days. It’ll cost him $1035 to get it back, and he’s now due in court for the offences of Driving in a Dangerous Manner, Careless Driving, Improper Use and Making Undue Noise.

There is a time and place for skids, and that would be at any one of the myriad grassroot motorsports events that are on every day of each weekend. Cut loose there, and keep the public roads for cruising.

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Road Hogs: Herald Readers React And List The Things That ‘Grind Their Gears’ On Motorways

A British motorist was fined more than $2200 this week and became the first person in the country to be convicted in court of hogging the middle lane of a motorway.

Many New Zealand drivers would like to see similar penalties on this side of the world, with Herald readers chiming in with their own pet peeves about driving on New Zealand roads, including slow drivers in empty lanes and motorists refusing to keep left:

  • The law should be tightened up here, there are far too many inconsiderate drivers on our roads and particularly in Auckland where It seems they hand out licenses far too easily. Impatient drivers become dangerous drivers and our highways particularly are not designed to accommodate the road hog. – Heath
  • Drivers who speed up to the speed limit in passing areas and then slow down again on the two lane highway. – Bryan
  • Lane hoggers are becoming a real problem on the motorways, especially the ones travelling 90km, that sit in the ‘fast’ lane, requiring other drivers to change lanes to pass them on the inside lane. – Peter Thomas
  • There aren’t enough police in NZ to ticket the drivers who fail to “keep left on the motorway.” – Brett Newling

What ‘grinds your gears’? Read the rest of the article and contribute to the list of pet peeves and major annoyances that perhaps ought to be criminal on NZ Herald website.

Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

Ed: what makes my blood boil is drivers’ disdain of mother nature, namely the rain and snow, and of course other road users.

Drivers in my city seem to think they are the best rally drivers – this illusion is shattered when they lose control on wet asphalt, crash into one or more vehicles and have to pulled out from the wrecked, twisted hunks of metal, that just seconds ago were their expensive pride and joy.

I have seen it far too often, perhaps it’s only a matter of time before I’m completely desensitised to the sound of smashed metal and the screams – I pray that this won’t come to pass.

Breaking The Cycle: Maori Drivers Given The Benefit Of The Doubt

When One News this week reported police were being told not to ticket unlicensed Maori drivers, I knew I would have a busy night on talkback.

Some, Maori included, objected to policy being race-based. Others thought it a good idea but should be extended to all unlicensed drivers. And a few used the story as an excuse to get up on their hindquarters and froth at the mouth. Most only read the headline.

In fact, police weren’t being told not to ticket unlicensed drivers. They were being told to refer all unlicensed Maori drivers to the Access Driver Licensing programme in Manurewa. If they failed to comply within two months, they would be fined. So in effect, all the police were doing was giving the unlicensed driver a little bit of leeway.

Read more in NZ Herald.

Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

Dandenong Magistrate “Slams” Learner Driver For Recklessness, Two Police Pursuits

A young learner driver who was involved in a string of crimes including two police pursuits — one that saw him come within a metre of a head-on collision — has been slammed by a magistrate for his “unbelievably reckless” behaviour.

Hallam man Jesse Gavin, 20, pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges in the Dandenong Magistrates’ Court this week, including speeding, reckless driving, negligent driving, failure to stop during a police pursuit, theft and aggravated burglary.

The court was told that in 10 months from July last year, Gavin was involved in two petrol drive-offs, a burglary and a crash where his car slammed into a power pole. During arrest, he was found with an amount of methamphetamines

Gavin was convicted and sentenced to 22 days’ jail — which he had already served at the Melbourne Remand Centre, therefore released free to give him opportunity to commit more crimes.

Read more in the Herald Sun.

Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

Ed: magistrate ‘slams’ = 22 days in jail for methamphetamine, reckless and dangeours driving and a string of other offences. Clearly we have a different definition of the word ‘slams’, time to buy the new Magistrate’s Pocket Dictionary. Shame!

Police Negotiators Try To Calm Driver Raging Across Sunshine Coast

Police were forced to use stingers to stop a man raging through the streets of the Sunshine Coast.

The stretch between Nambour Connection Rd and the Nambour General Hospital turned red and blue as a large number of police responded to calls from the public of a man in a green Mitsubishi van driving in an erratic manner. 

A Police Media spokeswoman said the man was threatening self harm while driving the vehicle and that police were required to step in to reduce the impact on both himself and the community. 

The driver was cornered when he reached the car park of Nambour General Hospital and police deployed stingers to bring the potentially dangerous situation to an end. 

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Source: www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

Snow Chains On Cars, Mountain Region Police’s Top Priority

Police are targeting drivers heading to the region’s ski resorts with snow chain compliance of particular concern.

It’s been a slow start to the ski season with little snowfall at Falls Creek and Mount Hotham.

But Senior Sergeant Doug Incoll, of Bright police, said officers were preparing for the influx of vehicles and is warning motorists to follow the rules.

“Over the past few years chain enforcement has been a high priority for police,” he said.

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New Car Search Powers For NT Police To Focus On Ice And Other Drugs

Under new proposed legislation, the NT Police will be able to search cars on declared “drug transit routes” in an attempt to staunch the flow of ice.

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Adam Giles announced the proposed changes to the Misuse of Drugs Act, which would permit police to declare main arterial roads such as the Stuart, Barkly or Victoria Highways drug transit routes for 14 days, and then stop and search cars they suspect of carrying drugs without a warrant.

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Car Chased By Police Flies Into Whangarei House

A car involved in a police chase and being driven by a man who had allegedly been drinking crashed through a fence, became airborne, clipped a garage roof and crash landed against the wall of a bedroom in which an 82-year old woman was asleep.

Five people were in the car that crashed into the unit below road level on the corner of Waiatawa and Whareora Rds at 3am yesterday. They were taken to Whangarei Hospital but it is understood only one was admitted.

The elderly resident was shaken but unhurt. The woman, who did not want to be named, said she had been fast asleep and got “a dreadful fright” when the car slammed into her house.

Thirty minutes earlier the car had allegedly been involved in a police pursuit through central Whangarei which police had called off for safety reasons.

Read more in the NZ Herald.

Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

New South Wales Police Say Mother In Pursuit ‘Disgusting’

A 33-year-old mother who had two babies in her car when she allegedly hit five cars in a high-speed pursuit in western Sydney has been charged.

Police have described the woman’s actions as ‘disgusting’ after the Saturday night pursuit through Chipping Norton.

Inspector Ken Hardie from Liverpool police described the woman’s actions as ‘totally irresponsible’.

‘I can’t believe that a woman with such young kids, who she only gave birth to not long ago, would act in that sort of manner,’ he told reporters in Sydney.

Watch the report on Sky News.

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