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Gun Found In Hollowed-Out Bible At Suspect’s Home

Springfield, Mass. (AP) – Massachusetts police executing a search warrant at a drug suspect’s home say they found a gun inside a hollowed-out Bible on his nightstand. Police say an officer involved in Wednesday night’s raid in Springfield opened the Bible and found the pages had been cut out to make room for a 9mm Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun and a clip containing 10 rounds of ammunition.

Source: www.breckenridgeamerican.com

Opinion: Police Shouldn’t Use Glocks; 1911 Remains The Pistol Of Choice?

The underlying problem with these pistols is a short trigger pull and the lack of an external safety. In real-world encounters, a short trigger pull can be lethal, in part because a significant percentage of law enforcement officers — some experts say as high as 20% — put their finger on the trigger of their weapons when under stress. According to firearms trainers, most officers are completely unaware of their tendency to do this and have a hard time believing it, even when they’re shown video evidence from training exercises.

Source: pjmedia.com

New South Wales Police Petition Ban On Guns In Court

Western region delegates support a push by the police union to allow police officers across NSW to wear firearms in court.

Some courts require officers to secure their firearms and other weapons in a safe before entering courtrooms.

NSW Police Association members met in Dubbo on Thursday morning and resolved that if the ban was not overturned they would consider further action, including refusing to give evidence in person if it could be provided via audio-visual link to the court.

Source: www.dailyliberal.com.au

New South Wales Police Finds Firearms, Ammo And Meth In A Car After A Pursuit

Near Cessnock on Friday, police seized a shortened .22 calibre firearm with a scope and torch attached, ammunition, bags containing a crystal substance police allege to be methamphetamine (Ice), and an amount of cash.

The man was taken to Maitland Police Station and charged with possession of unauthorised firearm, supply prohibited drug, police pursuit – not stop – drive recklessly (Skye’s Law), goods in personal custody suspected being stolen, driving motor vehicle during disqualification period.

Source: www.maitlandmercury.com.au

South Australia Police Seize A Bazooka, Guns, Ammo And Drugs

Holden Hill Police have located firearms and drugs while making routine enquiries.

On Monday 20 April local Police attended a Holden Hill address and spoke with the 33-year-old male occupant.

While speaking with him police allege they saw a firearm and drug related equipment.

This led to a search of the house with the assistance of a police dog handler and police dog Kingston.

During the search police located two firearms and ammunition, a silencer, a rocket launcher and multiple knives, a quantity of methamphetamine and cannabis.

The man from Holden Hill was arrested and charged with numerous firearms offences, possessing prescribed drugs for sale and possessing prescribed equipment.

He was refused police bail and appeared in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court on 22 April.  

He was remanded in custody to re-appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on 30 June.

Source: www.police.sa.gov.au

Ed: the rocket launcher appears to be M72 LAW