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New South Wales Police Arrest 21 In Online Darknet Drug Crackdown

NSW police officers have arrested 21 people as part of an investigation into the supply of illicit drugs online, which the agency has admitted poses a unique challenge for law enforcement.

The state force today said the individuals had been arrested under a two-month operation and were charged with 45 drug-related offences in total.

The operation aims to crack down on the online supply of illicit drugs via classified advertising websites, social media platforms and the ‘dark web.’


Police said they had seized drugs including ice, cannabis, LSD, cocaine and MDMA worth around $32,000. They also said they found thousands of dollars in stolen case and property.

Drugs, assassinations, weapons and more on offer
Drugs, assassinations, weapons and more on offer

Redfern detective chief inspector Stuart Bell said technology had changed the way drugs are sold and bought and therefore how police respond.

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Australian Peter Nash To Be Sentenced Over Role In Silk Road Drug-Trafficking Website

US prosecutors have asked a judge to sentence a Queensland prison counsellor to a maximum 12.5 years’ jail for his role in the massive global drug-trafficking website Silk Road. The darknet black market site generated $US17.3 million in sales of cocaine, $US8.9 million in heroin and $US8.1 million in methamphetamine.

San Francisco-based site creator Ross Ulbricht, known as Dread Pirate Roberts, was convicted in February of seven charges, including conspiring to commit drug trafficking and money laundering, and faces a life sentence.

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Source: www.smh.com.au