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Five Police Officers Injured, K9 Killed During Siege On Paris Apartment

The six-hour siege at a Parisian apartment has ended with a female suicide bomber killed as well as another suspected jihadist.

Seven others were arrested in the huge police operation targeting the “mastermind” of Friday’s terrorist attacks. The eighth suspect, Salah Abdeslam, is still at large with authorities believing he fled to Belgium immediately after Friday’s attacks.

Five police officers were injured in the raid and were given medical treatment. The terrorists also gunned down a seven-year-old sniffer dog called Diesel, sent into the block to look for booby traps, saving many lives in the process.

Police found weapons, explosives, suicide vests and plans for another terrorist attack inside the home, Europe1 Radio reports.

At least seven explosions were heard during the six-hour long operation, along with a large amount of gunfire as police carried out the early morning raid in the northern suburb of the country’s capital.

President Hollande praised the conduct of the Police and Army and said that 5000 police jobs will be created in the next two years. He said there would be no job cuts in the military until 2019.

Several Officers Injured During Saint Denis Raid

Two terror suspects have been killed, including a female suicide bomber, during a police operation in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis, linked to the Paris terror attacks.

The mastermind behind the attacks – Abdelhamid Abaaoud – is understood to be one of the targets of the raid.

At least seven explosions have been heard at the scene since the momentary lull in gunfire, Associated Press is reporting.

AP reporters at the scene could hear what sounded like grenade blasts from the direction of the standoff in the heart of the Paris suburb of Saint Denis.

The source of the blasts is unclear. Police say several people are holed up in an apartment and several police have been injured in an operation that has lasted at least three hours on Wednesday morning.

The operation is ongoing and Police Nationale urges everyone to stay away from the area. Never posts pictures to social media without prior approval so as not to endanger police operations.

Insp Joel Murchie Has Experienced the Horror of the Bali Bombings

NSW Police Force Mental Health Intervention Team Commander Joel Murchie who leads the force's experts with regards to mental health and suicide prevention. Picture: Tim Hunter.
NSW Police Force Mental Health Intervention Team Commander Joel Murchie who leads the force’s experts with regards to mental health and suicide prevention. Picture: Tim Hunter.

Joel Murchie will never forget that night in Bali in October 2002 when he heard two backpack explosions coming from the nearby Paddys Bar.

On the dancefloor of the Sari Club at the time, the policeman then saw a van parked 10m away from him, right up against the entrance.

The moments which followed would change his life forever.

“Being a typical police officer, I am about to almost get killed and I’m thinking why someone has illegally parked that van up against the front door,” he said.

Inspector Murchie is now part of the Counter Terrorism Forward Command Team and was on duty at the Lindt Café terrorist attack last year.

He is also the commander of the NSW Police Mental Health Intervention Team.

In November the MHIT will have trained every officer in mental health and suicide prevention.

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MP-40 Submachine Gun Found In Weapon Stash In Toilet of Abandoned Inner-West Sydney Home

Counter-terrorism police have discovered a stash of guns in a toilet in an abandoned home near where a close associate of Khaled Sharrouf was gunned down two years ago.

Among the weapons was a MP-40 “Schmeisser” sub-machinegun, a Nazi-era weapon capable of firing up to 550 bullets a minute over a range of 100 metres, police said.

Officers from the Terrorism Investigation Squad raided the rundown, unoccupied home in Homer Street, Earlwood, on Monday afternoon after learning of the secret stash on Friday during one of their ongoing counter-terrorism investigations.

In a rear toilet of the home, they found three green garbage bags holding guns and ammunition.

“These are highly lethal firearms that someone has stashed away with the intent to use when they deem the time is right,” Terrorism Investigation Squad Commander Darren Bennett said.

He said the guns were in good condition and it was particularly concerning that ammunition was stored with them.

“It’s concerning that they’re sitting in the suburbs, obviously ready for someone to grab,” he said.

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Pan Am Security Using Lessons Learned From Toronto G20

In his 40-year policing career, Supt. Mike McDonell has never stayed in the same role for more than 32 months.

Long before he became one of Canada’s top counterterrorism experts, he worked as a drug cop, a member of the RCMP Musical Ride and a United Nations station commander in the former Yugoslavia. Five years ago, he retired from the RCMP and, not ready to quit law enforcement, joined the Ontario Provincial Police.

As head of security, he is responsible for co-ordinating the operations of the eight police forces from across southern Ontario that have jurisdiction over Games venues, plus the OPP and RCMP. All share the common goal of keeping citizens safe during the 35-day event.

“We’re training our officers to be discreet, so we really are learning to fight smarter instead of harder — not that in-your-face policing,” McDonell says.

The aim is to keep the Games open, to protect people without being seen doing it. McDonell is sensitive to the strained relationship between police and the public during and after the G20 summit five years ago in Toronto.

“We’ve taken the lessons from there and we’re applying it to here,” he says.

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Australian Federal Police Tracking Pilots Influenced By ISIS Jihadists

Australian Federal Police are monitoring two Indonesian pilots who appear to have been influenced by pro-Islamic State elements, on concerns they may pose a security threat, an intelligence website says.

The apparent radicalisation of Ridwan Agustin, alias Hobi Panahan, and Tommy Hendratno, alias Tomi Abu Alfatih, was detailed in a March 18 operational intelligence report compiled by the AFP and obtained by website The Intercept.

The AFP report – marked “for official use only” – analyses Facebook posts by the two pilots that appear to support IS.

The Intercept reports that Agustin formerly worked for AirAsia Indonesia, while Premiair says Hendratno ceased working for them on June 1.

Agustin graduated from the AirAsia academy in 2010 and flew international and domestic routes, the intelligence report states.

He began posting material indicating his support for IS from September 2014 – posts which Hendratno “liked”.

The AFP also noted that Agustin had commented on the page of Heri Kustyanto, who it’s believed left his Indonesian family to fight with IS in Syria or Iraq.

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Most Australians Happy With Government Watching Social Media To Stop Terror: Poll

Four out of five Australians say they are “comfortable” with government agencies monitoring social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to detect possible terrorist attacks, a survey has found.

The poll found that Australians are far more dubious, however, about social media monitoring by the private sector for the purpose of targeting advertising or offers: just 27 per cent said they felt comfortable with this.

The survey, carried out by Newspoll for the US-based technology giant Unisys, comes amid heightened concern about the use of social media by Islamic extremists to recruit followers and encourage and co-ordinate attacks.

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Australian Federal Police Not In A Position To Assist Jihadists And Their Families

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has defended its position on assisting Australians who travel abroad to fight in terrorist sects after allegations they refused to help the wife and children of notorious militant Khaled Sharrouf.

In a statement, an AFP spokeswoman said she could not comment on individual cases, but said the agency had no power to help Australians who travelled to Syria to fight for Islamic State.

“However, it should be noted that the AFP does not operate in Syria as it is an active and dangerous conflict zone, in which Australia has no consular presence,” the statement read.

“As such, the AFP is not in a position to provide assistance to Australians who choose to enter this area and seek assistance with their travel from Syria to a safer location.”

She said the AFP and the Government had repeatedly warned Australians against travelling to conflict zones in Iraq and Syria.

“Those who do so are fully aware of the risks and simply put themselves and others in danger,” she said.

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