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Australian Federal Police HQ In Melbourne Sold for $70m

Investa Office Fund, the listed arm of the wider Investa platform, has seized the uplift from Melbourne’s buoyant CBD development market, selling the Australian Federal Police headquarters at 383 La Trobe Street for $70.7 million to a buyer thought to be from Asia.

The four-storey building, refurbished in 2008, is leased in its entirety to the Australian Federal Police. However that tenancy ends in two years’ time with no option to extend currently in place.

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Warning To Beware of Police Impersonators After AFP Badges Stolen

Police have been told to be on high alert for people posing as AFP officers after a break-in at a business that makes new badges for the force.

A warning was sent out to Victoria Police officers on Saturday morning after the burglary at AJ Parkes badge makers in Brisbane.

There are fears AFP badges which are made at the business, which is based in the city’s south west, might have ended up in the hands of criminals.

Police have been unable to verify whether or not any badges have been stolen as yet and an inventory of the company’s stock is expected to be completed tomorrow.

An alert sent to Victoria Police officers stated: “Members are advised to exercise extra vigilance when checking the badges of persons presenting an AFP identification badge.”

An AFP spokeswoman confirmed it was aware of the break-in but refused to comment further.

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Credit Card Knives At Canberra Airport Behind Arrest Rise

Credit card knives have been seized at booming rates across Australian airports this year, with 20 times the number of 12 months ago.

Labelled the latest fad by one criminologist, Canberra Airport’s problem with the streamlined knives has tripled in just the last six months.

The disguised knives and live ammunition were also among the main reasons behind the tripling of arrests or cautions at Canberra Airport in 2014, figures released under freedom of information laws this week showed.

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Australian Federal Police Tracking Pilots Influenced By ISIS Jihadists

Australian Federal Police are monitoring two Indonesian pilots who appear to have been influenced by pro-Islamic State elements, on concerns they may pose a security threat, an intelligence website says.

The apparent radicalisation of Ridwan Agustin, alias Hobi Panahan, and Tommy Hendratno, alias Tomi Abu Alfatih, was detailed in a March 18 operational intelligence report compiled by the AFP and obtained by website The Intercept.

The AFP report – marked “for official use only” – analyses Facebook posts by the two pilots that appear to support IS.

The Intercept reports that Agustin formerly worked for AirAsia Indonesia, while Premiair says Hendratno ceased working for them on June 1.

Agustin graduated from the AirAsia academy in 2010 and flew international and domestic routes, the intelligence report states.

He began posting material indicating his support for IS from September 2014 – posts which Hendratno “liked”.

The AFP also noted that Agustin had commented on the page of Heri Kustyanto, who it’s believed left his Indonesian family to fight with IS in Syria or Iraq.

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Australian Federal Police Plan To Use Drones To Track Down Drug and People Smugglers

Military drones could be deployed across Queensland and the Northern Territory to fight people smugglers and foreign drug dealers.

The nation’s top cops are urging the Australian Defence Force to launch unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) across northern Australia to help fight sophisticated criminals.

The drones, which can carry heat sensors, cameras and weapons, would be able to capture criminal acts but also free-up Customs and Australian Federal Police boats, which are highly visible. They could be launched from Navy ships.

People smuggling, illegal fishing, gun movement and drug smuggling – especially precursors for ice from Papua New Guinea – are growing problems for Federal Government agencies.

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Muslim Leaders Urged To Boycott Ramadan Dinners Organised By Australian Federal Police

Muslim community members are urging their leaders, imams and representatives to boycott Ramadan dinners being held this year by the Australian Federal Police.

A group called Concerned Muslims Australia has started a petition on change.org and encouraged all Muslims to stay away from the annual events in Sydney and Melbourne this month.

Nearly 500 people have already signed the petition, with some commenting that their reason for joining is that the AFP “stab us in the back and then invite us for dinner”.

Another comment read “it is incredulous that the same agencies that harass, discriminate and target the Muslim community would expect it to break bread with them. Not only incredible but disingenuous in the extreme.”

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Most Australians Happy With Government Watching Social Media To Stop Terror: Poll

Four out of five Australians say they are “comfortable” with government agencies monitoring social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to detect possible terrorist attacks, a survey has found.

The poll found that Australians are far more dubious, however, about social media monitoring by the private sector for the purpose of targeting advertising or offers: just 27 per cent said they felt comfortable with this.

The survey, carried out by Newspoll for the US-based technology giant Unisys, comes amid heightened concern about the use of social media by Islamic extremists to recruit followers and encourage and co-ordinate attacks.

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Australian Federal Police Tactical Group Raid Sydney House

Australian Federal Police officers were heard to shout “Drop the knife” before three loud bangs were heard during a raid on a home in Sydney’s west this afternoon.

The police surrounded a multi-level house not far away, yelling at those inside to make contact with them.

Tactical response officers with high-powered rifles were seen stalking the house which had a white Jeep in the driveway and a decorated Christmas tree in the garden.

After 1pm police stormed inside and were heard yelling “drop the knife” before three loud bangs were heard.

An AFP spokeswoman said the incident wasn’t terror related and there was no threat to the public.

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Australian Federal Police Not In A Position To Assist Jihadists And Their Families

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has defended its position on assisting Australians who travel abroad to fight in terrorist sects after allegations they refused to help the wife and children of notorious militant Khaled Sharrouf.

In a statement, an AFP spokeswoman said she could not comment on individual cases, but said the agency had no power to help Australians who travelled to Syria to fight for Islamic State.

“However, it should be noted that the AFP does not operate in Syria as it is an active and dangerous conflict zone, in which Australia has no consular presence,” the statement read.

“As such, the AFP is not in a position to provide assistance to Australians who choose to enter this area and seek assistance with their travel from Syria to a safer location.”

She said the AFP and the Government had repeatedly warned Australians against travelling to conflict zones in Iraq and Syria.

“Those who do so are fully aware of the risks and simply put themselves and others in danger,” she said.

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Foreign Diplomats Get Away With Crimes Despite Australian Police Trying To Waive Immunity

Police are being frustrated in their attempts to waive immunity and charge foreign diplomats who commit serious crimes while posted in Australia.

Under national diplomatic privileges and immunities laws, overseas employees posted to Australia cannot be prosecuted without a waiver.

A waiver request can be made to the diplomat’s home government but there is no obligation for that government to grant the request.

Documents released to The Sunday Telegraph under national disclosure laws detail 10 cases where local authorities sought to waive a diplomat’s immunity.

The cases included an alleged assault and an act of indecency in 2010 with both diplomats pleading immunity from prosecution. A separate alleged assault case the following year fell over after a police request for a waiver was refused by the embassy.

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