Perth Transit Officers Help a Motorcyclist Who Was Clotheslined With Rope and Glassed

A motorcyclist, who was struck in the throat by a piece of rope tied across the road and then glassed by a gang of juveniles, has refused to outright condemn the perpetrators of the act.

University of WA student Lawson Mills was riding east on Wellington Street about 11.30pm on Thursday on his way home to Guildford after work.

A group of youths ran across the road outside Perth train station, prompting him to slow down in case of trouble ahead.

The next thing he remembers is seeing a rope suspended in the air about a metre in front of him.

The rope had been tied across Wellington Street apparently in an attempt to unseat the next motorcyclist to ride through it.

Fortunately, one end of the rope came loose during the impact, potentially saving him from serious injury. He managed to ride through and not get knocked off the bike

After getting off his bike on the side of the road, he was attacked from behind with a glass bottle, causing a laceration that required five staples.

“Once I got hit [with the bottle] though, some witnesses helped me and then another bunch of transit guards helped me out. The guys who helped me were sensational,” he said.

Mr Mills said he was disgusted by what happened and wanted to thank the transit guards who assisted him after he was assaulted.

Perth Public Transport Authority spokeswoman confirmed at least two transit guards performed a citizen’s arrest and caught one of the offenders after the incident, before performing first aid on the injured man.

Sources: WA Today, Perth Now, The West Australian.

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