‘Dodging The Police’: The Sydney Train Tunnel Graffiti Gang


He was part of a graffiti gang that police allege has cost taxpayers $400,000 in damages, but this 16-year-old has been fined just $2000 for his role in the sophisticated operation that even had its own publicist.

The Police Transport Command charged four men and the Wollongong teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, following a four-month investigation into the so-called “DTP” gang — which means both “Down To Paint” or ‘‘Dodging The Police” — in September.

Investigators seized computers, laptops, hard drives and memory cards, along with hundreds of cans of spray paint, when they arrested the alleged ring leader, William Cox, 18, the 16-year-old, and Christian Russell, 18, in September.

The group’s propensity to record and store evidence of their alleged crimes was their undoing.

Superintendent Jason Joyce said they even had a ­social media co-ordinator.

“They have a social media plan,” he said.

“This group had a 14-year-old kid who would do all the uploads for them.

“They keep the photos ­because it is a trophy for them. If they spray a train that’s their notoriety, their fame. That’s why they tag — it’s their signature.

Read more in Courier Mail.

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