Tasmania Police Launch New Response Model

tas pol car

A new Tasmania Police response model, unveiled on Tuesday, will determine whether the force sends one or two officers to a job, depending on the level of risk.

Previously, officers were sometimes required to attend potentially dangerous crime scenes by themselves.

However, a new agreement has been reached between Tasmania Police, the Police Association of Tasmania and the state government, which is expected to create a safer workplace for officers.

Police Minister Rene Hidding said the new response model will see each incident assessed individually.

“Under the new Response Model for Radio Dispatch Services, when a call comes through for police assistance an assessment will be made using all the available information. If that assessment requires more than one officer to attend, that’s what will happen,” he said.

“Our fine Tasmanian Police officers deserve the same Workplace Health and Safety protections as any other employee – and this new agreement will deliver an historic change in policing work practices – utilising the Liberal Government’s extra 113 police officers that are being delivered over this term.”

Source: The Advocate.

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