Police Officers Buying Video Cameras for Own Safety

South Australian police officers have been buying their own video cameras which they are attaching to their uniforms to film interactions with the public, a report has revealed.

The Police Ombudsman Annual Report noted there were “occupational health and safety benefits” for officers using the cameras but there were issues surrounding ownership of the vision because the cameras were not officially issued.

The State Government committed almost $6 million to rollout body-mounted video cameras to 1000 officers by mid-2019 but the Opposition says the funding should be brought forward.

“In recent times I have noticed that some police officers, upon their own initiative, have purchased their own cameras,” Acting Police Ombudsman Michael Grant stated in his report.

“One such device was recently demonstrated to me by a uniformed sergeant who had purchased it at his own expense for $300.

“From conversations with individual officers I am informed that being told that an officer is filming what is happening often has a ‘calming’ effect on individuals who would be otherwise inclined to ‘arc up’.

“The protection afforded to police officers against false or inaccurate allegations is clear as is the protection afforded to members of the public.”

Read more in The Australian.

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