Queensland Police Share Special Bond With Their Dogs

A person and their dog share a unique bond and in the Queensland police squad that bond is stronger than most.

The Queensland police dog squad began in 1972 and has grown to include 68 general purpose dogs, 11 drug detection dogs and five explosive operations dogs, all trained to help police with work they cannot do alone.

There are dog squads in every major town from Cairns to Brisbane, where 17 dogs work around the clock.

It is all a bit of fun for the general purpose dogs, who Snr Const. Purvey says have absolutely no fear.

“As much as the bad guy is scared, they are just chasing him because it is a game (for the dog),” he said.

Those that don’t make the cut are given away for free.

You had better get on that wait list now though. It is already 200 dog-lovers strong.

Read more in The Age.

Source: www.theage.com.au

Yuko is eight weeks old and has just started his 14-week training course to get into the Queensland police dog squad. Photo: Amy Mitchell-Whittington

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