Ombudsman Investigates Toronto Paramedics’ Handling Of PTSD

The city’s ombudsman is investigating how Toronto Paramedic Services deals with employees with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Fiona Crean said she decided to launch the investigation after receiving around a dozen complaints from paramedics in the past few weeks about operational stress injuries.

The ombudsman’s office says stress injuries include “a range of persistent psychological problems triggered by on-the-job activities, including anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug dependency and PTSD.”

The ombudsman made the rare move of making her investigation public to urge paramedics and staffers to contact her office.

“PTSD really lives in the shadows and so I wanted to encourage paramedics to come forward and tell their stories and also to communicate to them our confidential process,” Crean said.

Read more in the Toronto Sun.


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