Police and Associations

Australian Police

ACT Policing

ACT Policing is the portfolio of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) responsible for providing policing services to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Approximately 700 sworn officers serve to protect the 400,000 residents of ACT.

New South Wales Police Force

NSW Police Force remains fully committed to driving down crime and reducing the fear of crime through the provision of a range of services designed to ensure a safe New South Wales. This site details each of these services.

Northern Territory Police Force

NT Police is committed to working cooperatively with the public and government to reduce crime and provide a safer Territory. The best way for us to achieve this is through the provision of a range of services in partnership with the community we serve.

Queensland Police Service

The Queensland Police mission is to serve the people of Queensland by protecting life and property, preserving peace and safety, preventing crime and upholding the law in a manner which has regard for the public good and the rights of the individual. Their vision is that of a professional police service, dedicated to excellence and committed to working in partnership with the people of Queensland to enhance the safety and security of the community.

South Australia Police

South Australia Police (SAPOL) provides a broad range of police and community services to ensure the safety and security of the South Australian community. Formed on 28 April 1838, the South Australia Police was Australia’s first centrally organised police service. Since that historic day, they have forged a reputation for achievement that they continue to build on today.

Tasmania Police

Established in 1899, the force has more than 1,200 officers policing Tasmania’s population of about half a million people.

Victoria Police

Victoria Police provides a 24-hour police service to the Victorian community. Victoria Police contributes to a high quality of life for individuals in the community by ensuring a safe and secure society and underpins the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of Victoria.

Regional Police Agencies

Indonesian National Police
Norfolk Island Police
Singapore Police

Australian and New Zealand Associations

Australian Federal Police Association

The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) represents the professional, industrial and social interests of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and law enforcement employees across a range of agencies. The AFPA constantly strives by consultation and negotiation to:improve working conditions; maintain and increase the status of the law enforcement profession; and achieve fair and equitable terms and conditions of service for our members.

New Zealand Police Association

The New Zealand Police Association was registered on 28 October 1936 and is open to all sworn and non-sworn employees of the Police. Membership is voluntary but virtually all who are eligible belong. The Association was formed after a long struggle by rank and file Police through years of poor pay and difficult conditions which were harshly enforced by their employer.

Northern Territory Police Association

It is the role of the Northern Territory Police Association to look after the courageous men and women who are the protectors of the north. It is the Association’s role to see to their welfare, to protect their conditions of service, to ensure they are properly equipped and trained ‘to fight the good fight’, to look after their loved ones when tragedy strikes, which regrettably it often does and also to enhance the profession of policing in Australia’s far north.

Police Association of Victoria

The Police Association’s membership of around 11,300 is drawn exclusively from sworn police officers at any rank, protective services officers, police reservists and police recruits who serve in the Victoria Police Force. Membership of the Association is voluntary.

Police Association of New South Wales

The Police Association of New South Wales, the trade union of the NSW Police Force since 1921, represents the interests of  sworn members of the force.

Police Association of South Australia

The Police Association of South Australia’s membership is drawn exclusively from sworn members at any rank of the South Australia Police (SAPOL) and numbers over 4100 police officers and police community constables. Membership of the police association is voluntary.

Police Association of Tasmania

The Police Association represents members in protecting their profession, ensuring their rights and negotiating remuneration and conditions of service. 

The Tasmanian Police Association was established in 1921, and in 1935 the Attorney-General wrote to the Commissioner stating that preference for transfers and promotion was to be given to members of the association. In addition to its social aspects, the Association also negotiated long-service leave arrangements for officers.

Police Federation of Australia

The Police Federation of Australia represents Australia’s 50,000 police. The members of each State, Territory and Federal Police Association / Union are members of the Police Federation of Australia.

Queensland Police Union

The Queensland Police Union of Employees represents the men and women of the Queensland Police Service. Our members are dedicated to the protection of life and property as well as the prevention and detection of crime.

Western Australia Police Union

The WA Police Union has more than 6,500 Members – 98 per cent of all police officers in WA Police.

Members are made up of sworn police officers, police recruits, police auxiliary officers, Aboriginal liaison officers and cadets employed by the Commissioner of Police.

Members also have the option of joining the Police Federation of Australia (WA Branch). All police unions/associations are affiliated with the PFA, the Federal voice for police officers. The PFA focuses on lobbying politicians on national issues effecting policing.

Other Associations

The Medically Retired Western Australia Police Officers Association

The Medically Retired Western Australia Police Officers Association is an independent association which provides welfare and support to retired medically unfit police officers, raises awareness among serving police officers about current laws and what it means if they are retired medically unfit and is an advocate for Workers Compensation for police officers.

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