Manitoba Government To Speed Up PTSD Help for All Workers

The Manitoba government introduced legislation Monday that it says will provide the broadest workers compensation coverage in Canada for post-traumatic stress.

The bill, like an existing law in Alberta and changes being eyed in some other provinces — would recognize post-traumatic stress disorder as a work-related occupational disease for first responders such as police officers and firefighters.

It would also, like the Alberta law, start from the presumption that the PTSD stemmed from an event or events at work, as long as a medical professional diagnoses it as such.

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger said his NDP government is going a step further by applying the law to all workers covered by the province’s Workers Compensation Board nurses, retail store employees, and more and not just first responders. You can find out more information about the claims process with workers’ compensation insurance on the FFVA website.

“It makes sense to deal with (PTSD) regardless of what occupation you have, what job you have. If you’re experiencing the issue, it impairs your ability to do your job,” Selinger said. This is certainly true, and unfortunately impacts many people’s day to day life.

Compensation coverage for PTSD is very necessary and should help those affected to pursue effective treatment of their condition. Sufferers often buy weed in toronto because medicinal marijuana has been shown to lessen anxiety and improve sleep. Medicinal marijuana can be expensive and is one treatment option expected to see a rise in use after the legislation comes into effect.

There are also many mental health facilities that PTSD sufferers could use their compensation on, such as Honey Lake’s Christian mental health facilities. Honey Lake is the number 1 Christian mental health program in the US and has doctors on-site to help people get the treatment they need. PTSD should not interrupt day to day living and this legislation is looking to be a step in the right direction to making sure that happens.

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Boort Police Member Receives Australian Police Medal In Queen’s Birthday Honours

After 27 years as the sole police member for the town of Boort, Leading Senior Constable Ray Stomann considers himself a local.  

As well as arresting thieves, breaking up brawls and counselling teenagers, he volunteers at the town’s football team, hospital, information centre and lake management committee.

His citation describes him as a strong leader and “the epitome of what a one-member station commander should be”. It states: “He has been able to achieve the difficult balance of policing while also being an integral part of the community which he serves.”

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Chicago Fraternal Order of Police To Fight Tattoo and Baseball Caps Bans

The Chicago Police Department has quietly made changes to its uniform policy, requiring that on-duty officers cover up any tattoos and banning them from wearing baseball caps.

The department’s largest union, which represents rank-and-file officers, quickly voiced its opposition, saying the department should have first negotiated the changes before making any announcement. A number of officers also spoke out against the move, saying their tattoos are part of their identities. The department was sympathetic to officers with tattoos commemorating their military service but ultimately decided it was too “difficult to draw a line.”

“Too many uniform variations became available, making Chicago police officers less immediately identifiable to the public,” said police spokeswoman Jennifer Rottner.

But the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7 said Tuesday it plans to file an unfair labor practice complaint with the Illinois Labor Relations Board over the new directive.

“It remains the lodge’s position that the dress code policy is a mandatory subject of bargaining, especially when it impacts current officers who have visible body tattoos and/or body brandings,” FOP President Dean Angelo wrote to union members in a letter, a copy of which was obtained by the Tribune.

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Unprecedented Response To Police Ice Survey Finds Widespread Concern

Just days after 17 people were arrested for possession of $2m worth of ice in Nowra, NSW Police says it’s had an overwhelming response to an advertising campaign and survey relating to crystal methylamphetmaine.

t’s the drug problem that has infiltrated regional New South Wales, and today the NSW Police Force says ice is an issue that has resonated with the community more than any other drug.

Over 5000 people have responded to a police survey within 24 hours to voice their concern about the effect crystal meth is having in their community.

Communications officer with the NSW Police Force, John Thompson, says they’re usually satisfied if a survey attracts 200 responses over the same time period.

“We know the issue resonates deeply but I was taken aback at the size of the response and the speed with which they responded.

“I don’t know if it’s because they’ve been affected in some way, but we know there’s a desire to get this problem under control because right now it’s affecting a lot of people.”

Last week, 17 people were arrested in the Shoalhaven on drugs charges, while police raided 16 properties to seize $2m worth of ice.

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Suspended Provisional Drunk Teen Driver Hits 180kph During High Rate of Speed Police Chase

A drunk teenager – with a suspended red P-plate licence and two unrestrained teenagers in the back of the ute – hit speeds of 180km/h during a police chase.

About 1.30am Sunday Highway Patrol officers were conducting speed checks on the Lakes Way at Darawank. 

A southbound ute, clocked at 117kmph in the 100km/h zone, accelerated away from when they tried to stop the vehice. Police estimated the car to be hitting speeds of 180km/h and began a pursuit.

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Police Detain Youth Over Firearm Thefts Around Narromine

A youth detained by police is helping with inquiries into a series of break-and-enters and the thefts of a vehicle and firearms in the state’s west.

Officers are investigating the incidents which took place around Narromine in the early hours of Monday morning.

Inspector Dan Skelly from Orana Local Area Command said six properties and a vehicle were broken into and a vehicle was stolen.

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NYPD SVU Detectives Neutralize Active Shooter In East Harlem

Police are investigating a police-involved shooting in Manhattan Tuesday evening.

Two SVU detectives were on their way back to their station house in East Harlem after making an arrest for an attempted rape and encountered a shooting in progress at East 101st Street and 1st Avenue, police said. 

That’s where a gunman shot at another man walking ahead of him, hitting the 21-year-old victim in the torso and leg before the victim began running northbound on 1st Avenue to try to get away, according to police. 

The gunman continued to chase after the victim until he encountered the detectives, police said. The plainclothes officers identified themselves and ordered the suspect to drop his gun…

Watch the report on NBC New York.


Australian Federal Police To Visit Rote Island Amid Asylum Seeker Boat Claims

Three Australian Federal Police officers will visit the Indonesian island of Rote where six crew members are being detained on people smuggling charges, according to Indonesian police.

A boat with 65 people from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar seeking asylum in New Zealand was intercepted by Australian authorities last month and sent back to Indonesia.

The police chief from the Indonesian island of Rote, where the asylum seekers swum ashore after their boat hit rocks, said the six crew had told him Australian authorities had paid them US$5000 each, as reported by Fairfax Media yesterday.

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Tasmania Police Warns of Scam AFP Emails

Tasmania Police has warned the public of a potential scam email making the rounds.

The email claims to be from Australian Federal Police at Police,, telling the recipient that there is photographic evidence of them possibly committing a traffic infringement.

It then tells the recipient to click on a link to “check out your intrusion info”…

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New South Wales Police Force Officer Dragged By Driver

A police officer has been dragged by a car, after trying to arrest a man during a random breath-test in Sydney’s south.

The 26-year-old driver was pulled over by two officers in Menai on Tuesday night; during the routine stop one of them spotted an ice-pipe in the centre console of the car and attempted to place him under arrest.

The driver accelerated and dragged one officer down the road, before he was able to grab the wheel and stop the car.

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