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Research shows domestic violence can change kids’ DNA

Watching their parent suffer emotional, psychological, sexual or physical abuse at the hands of a loved one harms more than a child’s mind. It can also affect their DNA.

American researchers have revealed that children who live in homes rife with domestic violence have much shorter protective caps on their chromosomes than children who live violence-free lives.


Ed: don’t ignore it, report domestic violence and help those in need

SA Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions – Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) prosecutes those offences committed against the laws of the State of South Australia that are tried in the District or Supreme Court. The ODDP also prosecutes offences of a sensitive nature or complexity in the Youth Court and the Magistrates Court. The Office is independent and was established under the Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1991. It is made up of lawyers, witness assistance officers and administrative staff. There are two types of lawyers in the ODPP – prosecutors who appear in court as counsel during a trial and solicitors who prepare matters for prosecution. 


Infamous Australian teen hacker Abdilo raided by police

The home of infamous teenage computer hacker Abdilo is searched by Australian law enforcement authorities in a pre-dawn raid.


Ed: I resent the term ‘hacker’; this guy clearly is a criminal cracker. His actions could not be construed as social commentary and he did nothing to further the computer science or technology.

Why a lack of sidearm options at agencies is hurting female cops

As more and more civilian women join the world of competitive shooting and gun ownership, the industry has solved the most common gun issues that inhibit poor firearms performance for women: guns are being made smaller, trigger pulls are lighter, and aftermarket grips are available to suit smaller hands. Read more here.


Ed: Not all size fits all, furthermore the agencies need to adapt to each individual’s needs.

Virginia Cops tell their side of the story

CNN’s Chris Moody tries out a police training simulator to better understand the split-second decisions cops face in potentially deadly situations.


“Too often people guess about what it is to be a police officer. There is another side. A human side on the cop side.” That’s precisely what the law enforcement community wants to highlight:

Indeed, after a few rounds down in the basement, the untrained participant becomes attuned to the possibility that at any time the actors can attack before you can ever hope to respond. And that’s one realization this group hopes to provide: In the heat of the moment, the decision to use force is hardly ever clear-cut. (Ed – emphasis mine)


Editor: We would like to see more stories like these; from the point of view of those brave men and women risking their lives daily to protect the citizens.

WA Police: Operation GOLD PLATE and DODO

Police officers across WA will be focusing their efforts on suburban shopping centres throughout April in an effort to reassure shoppers and business operators and deter offenders from committing high volume crimes.

Metro and Regional WA officers will be participating in two operations: Gold Plate and Dodo respectively, throughout April. The first publicly visible operations are occurring throughout today at major shopping centres across the metro region.

Read the full news release here.


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