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California Police Say Lafayette PD Officer Injured By Suspected Drunk Driver

A Lafayette police officer has been injured after being struck by a suspected drunk driver on his way out of the Flatirons Community Church parking lot.


Police were responding to a complaint from church officials on Saturday about a man who appeared to be intoxicated inside the church. When police reached him in the parking lot, Cmdr. Gene McCausey says the driver hit an officer and drove away.




Photo by Cole Phelps.


Queensland Police Lock Up Police Credit Union CEO To Fundraise For PCYC

Do black and white stripes suit QPCU CEO Grant Devine?
“Watch your head!” the officer yells as he places Queensland Police Credit Union CEO Grant Devine into the police car. But it’s all for a good cause.

The QPCU CEO did time alongside other CEOs and the Queensland Reds for the PCYC kids last week, raising money for the not-for-profit organisation’s incredible programs in crime prevention and support networks for the Indigenous community.


Police Minister Troy Grant blames abuse of cops on bad parenting, judges and poor literacy

NEW Police Minister Troy Grant has blamed the barrage of vile abuse police face on an almost daily basis on “shithouse parenting”, slack judges and poor literacy rates.



Research shows domestic violence can change kids’ DNA

Watching their parent suffer emotional, psychological, sexual or physical abuse at the hands of a loved one harms more than a child’s mind. It can also affect their DNA.

American researchers have revealed that children who live in homes rife with domestic violence have much shorter protective caps on their chromosomes than children who live violence-free lives.


Ed: don’t ignore it, report domestic violence and help those in need

SA Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions – Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) prosecutes those offences committed against the laws of the State of South Australia that are tried in the District or Supreme Court. The ODDP also prosecutes offences of a sensitive nature or complexity in the Youth Court and the Magistrates Court. The Office is independent and was established under the Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1991. It is made up of lawyers, witness assistance officers and administrative staff. There are two types of lawyers in the ODPP – prosecutors who appear in court as counsel during a trial and solicitors who prepare matters for prosecution. 


Infamous Australian teen hacker Abdilo raided by police

The home of infamous teenage computer hacker Abdilo is searched by Australian law enforcement authorities in a pre-dawn raid.


Ed: I resent the term ‘hacker’; this guy clearly is a criminal cracker. His actions could not be construed as social commentary and he did nothing to further the computer science or technology.