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‘Dodging The Police’: The Sydney Train Tunnel Graffiti Gang


He was part of a graffiti gang that police allege has cost taxpayers $400,000 in damages, but this 16-year-old has been fined just $2000 for his role in the sophisticated operation that even had its own publicist. Continue reading ‘Dodging The Police’: The Sydney Train Tunnel Graffiti Gang

Managers and Police Cracking Down on Schoolies’ Selfies Craze

The new craze of “rooftopping” and taking outrageous selfies on highrise balconies will be the biggest safety fears at this year’s Schoolies, with building managers and police to crack down on dangerous stunts. Continue reading Managers and Police Cracking Down on Schoolies’ Selfies Craze

NSW Police Enlist Dogs To Help Track Graffiti Vandals

A pack of crime-fighting canines have become the state government’s latest weapon in the battle against graffiti scourge on Sydney’s trains.

The highly skilled pooches have been involved in ongoing blitzes against vandals, who cost taxpayers more than $30 million a year in damage to stations, railway yards and carriages.

The four-legged sleuths have recently assisted in two arrests for graffiti-related offences, at Granville and Sydenham stations, as well as sniffing out more than 1200 cans of spray paint used for illegal graffiti.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance met some of the graffiti dogs yesterday at the Eveleigh Maintenance Centre near Redfern to acknowledge their efforts in driving down vandalism across the network.

“These seven dogs are an integral part of the blitzes that target hot spots for trains to be attacked by vandals, including at stations, maintenance centres and stabling yards,” Mr Constance said.

Earlier this year motion-activated cameras were introduced to catch anyone illegally trespassing on train tracks or breaking into fenced-off areas of the rail network. These cameras have already led to six arrests.

Source: The Daily Telegraph.

Off-Duty SA Police Officer Arrests Man Who Allegedly Covered Hyde Park Tavern In Graffiti

An off-duty police officer driving his children to school has arrested a man who allegedly covered the outside of the fashionable Hyde Park Tavern with graffiti this morning.

Pub manager Luke Kelly noticed the graffiti spelling out the words “dogs” and “dead funk” when he arrived to work at 8.45am.

The 162-year-old hotel underwent a major revamp in 2008 and further renovations in 2012.

Mr Kelly initially thought the venue had been vandalised overnight.

However, he then noticed two men tackling a third man on across the road from the hotel on King William Rd.

“I went out to have a look and saw him detained by a couple of civilians,” Mr Kelly said..

“It was an off-duty cop dropping off his kids who saw him.”

The police officer involved has confirmed Mr Kelly’s story.

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Source: www.news.com.au