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When Citizens Force The Police To Resort To Using Force


From a letter to the Ledger:

Thanks to the president, his former attorney general, Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter and their ilk, a once great America is currently approaching lawlessness. Increasing murder and other crime rates seem to coincide with attacks on law enforcement officers. Gee, what a coincidence.

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Police Chief: Officers’ Split-Second Force Decisions Must Be Correct

When law enforcement officers interact with citizens, they constantly make decisions on how best to gain the citizen’s compliance.

They have to decide what techniques — or what weapons — to utilize. And, for safety’s sake, they need to be right.

“It’s really a case-by-case judgment, and I hate to sound melodramatic, but moment-by-moment,” said Chief Mark Connery of the Richmond Police Department. “Things can change in a hurry.

“On any given day at any given time, you have to weigh every situation against your training, your experience and what the possible ramifications are. It’s a constant decision-making process.”

An officer choosing incorrectly risks a situation spiraling out of control, which could lead to injury for the officer or excessive force complaints against them.

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