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Australian police to access US-based cloud data under a new reciprocal arrangement, government moves classified data to the cloud

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Australian government is pushing for a deal with Washington that would allow Australian police to take a warrant directly to US tech companies and quickly access a suspect’s data.
The arrangement could help Australian authorities get around the problem of accessing encrypted communications. While companies such as Apple cannot themselves always unlock data on their products such as iPhones, they are more easily able to decrypt data on cloud backups.
Australian police requests for data from US companies are usually rejected because of legal complications in the US regarding warrants for the cloud data. It is understood that the new agreement could overcome that obstacle.
Fairfax Media understands Law Enforcement and Cyber Security Minister Angus Taylor will visit the US in the next fortnight and will express Australia’s eagerness to strike an agreement as soon as possible to allow each country’s law enforcement agencies to more easily access data held in computer “cloud” on each other’s soil.
A “cloud” is a group of networked elements such as computers, storage, software, and services hosted at geographically diverse locations allowing users to connect to it from anywhere. Cloud computing has been rapidly displacing traditional business-owned infrastructure, such as servers, backup devices, etc. Although, some companies may still prefer to use standard storage devices, like an SSD, (find out more here about how any lost data can be restored), to manage their documents. But in recent years, the Cloud has become significantly popular.
The talks follow the recent passage of a law by the US Congress that enables American agencies such as the FBI to demand – with a warrant – access to data from US-based tech companies even if the companies are holding that data in overseas cloud services – a situation that is increasingly common.
As part of the new CLOUD Act, the Trump administration can sign individual agreements with other countries to make the arrangement reciprocal. Britain is reportedly the first country in line with the new rules but Fairfax Media understands Australia hopes to be among the next few.

Government data moving to the cloud

Last week, Angus Taylor announced that data created and held by Australian federal government will be moved to the cloud. The data will be hosted by Microsoft in Australian data centres, subcontracting the company Canberra Data Centres for the storage.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud services have received the green light to store federal government data classified at the Protected level.

The government’s announcement “makes Microsoft the first, the only, global cloud provider to have been awarded Protected certification,” said Microsoft Australia’s Azure engineering lead, James Kavanagh.
Protected data is data that if its security is compromised it would have an impact on Australia’s national security and can include a range of Defence and public safety data. Microsoft already had a range of Azure services certified for use with unclassified but sensitive data. The company estimates that, combined, unclassified and Protected covers 85 to 90 per cent of government data.

Roof collapses on three Kansas City, Mo. firefighters, two taken to hospital

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two firefighters were transported to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries Friday morning after a roof collapsed on them while they were battling a fire. Firefighters were dispatched around 7 a.m. to a home near Martin Avenue and North Agnes after someone reported seeing flames in the distance. Three…

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NYPD Officer Slashed In The Neck With A Knife Remains In Stable Condition

A New York City police officer shot and killed a knife-wielding man on Thursday after the officer was slashed in the neck while trying to stop the man from assaulting an elderly woman, authorities said.

Officer Filippo Gugliara, 24, was hospitalized in stable condition. At a news conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton praised his response. “Thank God this officer came out OK,” De Blasio said.

“He faced quite clearly a life-threatening situation with this individual,” Bratton said. “But for his intercession, the assault on this 78-year-old woman — we don’t know what would have happened.”

The incident unfolded at about 2:15 p.m. near a subway station in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. The 58-year-old suspect was involved in dispute in a shop that spilled out into the street, they said.

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Florida Trooper Injured, Suspect Dead In Cocoa-Area Shooting

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper is recovering after shooting and killing a man who stepped out of a pickup truck and fired a gun near Cocoa.

The confrontation happened at around 7:40 p.m. Sunday evening at the Pilot gas station at 4445 West King Street in Cocoa West, officials tell FLORIDA TODAY.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office investigators report that the trooper, who has not been identified, spotted what appeared to be an equipment violation on a pickup truck at the gas station and had walked over to talk to the driver.

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Mental Health Resources Available for Detroit Law Enforcement

When we hear about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) we think of men and women recently back from battle zones around the globe. Yet there are people suffering from PTSD right here at home with repercussions for those sworn to protect and serve our communities — our local police.

A serious issue within law enforcement, mental health disorders aren’t necessarily limited to any specific race, gender or socio-economic class. One in four people will be impacted by mental illness.

In our society, there is an extra stigma attached to police officers that often prevent them from seeking the treatment they need.

By the very nature of their job, police officers are routinely exposed to extraordinary stressors. The Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority meets regularly with such local law enforcement agencies as the Detroit Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff Office, Wayne Police Chiefs Association and Airport Authority Police, building relationships in order to better serve and support them.

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The Long Blue Line: US Police Form Human Chain In Hunt for Escaped Killers

Police hunting two convicted murderers on the run after escaping from a New York jail have descended on an area just south of the prison.

Richard Matt, 49, and David Sweat, 35, have been on the run since Saturday morning after escaping from their cell in the maximum security Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemorra. It was the first escape in the prison’s 170-year history.

Amateur vision showed police scouring rural fields after a possible sighting of the two men on foot in the area of Willsboro, around 60km from Dannemora. Officers can be seen forcing a long, continuous line as they hunt for the escapees.

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Washington Police Recruits Learn Weapons Come In Many Forms

At the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, trainers spend more than four months preparing police recruits for the streets.

“We make sure the recruits get the training they need to leave here with the proper mindset,” Commander Rick Bowen said. They are concerned that too much public pressure will make it hard for officers to act when they need to. Each day starts at the Peace Officer’s Memorial wall where a name is read. It’s meant to honor those who have passed and also give perspective on what’s still at stake.

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Police Forces Across the Nation Reaching Out To Chesapeake

Look up an article on police body cameras or tune into a recent broadcast about them, and there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a familiar name: Police Chief Kelvin Wright.

As the national conversation about police practices and body cameras continues, many agencies are turning to Wright for input. He was an early adopter of the cameras, with officers in his department using them since 2008.

Other departments now want to learn from Chesapeake.

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Police Exercise Offers Glimpse Into Real-life Dangers

The Legal Defense Fund, which provides attorneys and pays legal costs for officers charged with crimes while on duty, is making training simulations normally reserved for officers open to the public as a way to help people understand the uncertain situations that officers step into every day.

“Our hope is to educate people,” says Ron Hosko, the legal fund’s president and a veteran FBI agent.

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Monfort Found Guilty of Murdering Seattle Police Officer

A jury found Christopher Monfort guilty of aggravated first-degree murder Friday in the death of a Seattle police officer on Halloween night 2009.

The jury listened to four months of testimony in the murder of Officer Timothy Brenton and the attempted murder of two other officers. Monfort pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

The aggravated circumstances means Monfort could face the death penalty. The penalty phase will begin June 16.

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