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Terror in Adelaide: Response Training Scenario Similar To Paris Attacks

A terror training exercise in which more than 200 people ‘died’ in twin Adelaide attacks was conducted almost a year ago, in circumstances strikingly similar to the Paris massacre.

Government documents obtained by The Advertiser under Freedom of Information laws, reveal the nightmare scenarios Australian anti-terror authorities must be prepared for.

The documents, from the Department of Premier and Cabinet and SA Police, reveal details on the two mock attacks in Adelaide last year, in which more than 200 people died, dozens more were injured and up to 355 people held hostage.

The exercise, planned over 12 months by the Australian-New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee, reacted to strikingly similar events to those in the French capital, in which terrorists killed 129 people.

Last December’s multi-agency counter-terrorism drill, named Joint Command 2,tested responses to an atrocity at various Adelaide locations. It involved SA Police and various state and federal agencies.

The documents show how the Police Commissioner would hand over control to federal authorities, if South Australian officials believe they cannot resolve the incident.

The army would then police streets and soldiers allowed to use “lethal” force, the documents state.

But one document was kept secret because it would “reveal very specific details” about policing and critical “prevention, detection and investigative tactics”.

The first scenario involved two bombs exploding at 9am outside an Indian and Bangladesh World Cup match attended by 40,000 fans at Adelaide Oval.

Evacuating spectators are then confronted by two gunmen with semi-automatic rifles, who randomly shoot fans. More than 200 people die and dozens more are injured. The terrorists are shot dead by uniformed police.

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Australia’s Active-Shooter Lessons From The Paris Attacks

While it is early stages in any investigation, it appears that there was no hostage-taking incident at the Bataclan concert hall Paris on 13 November 2015. It was simply three men actively engaged in killing people in a confined and populated area: an active shooter attack. Continue reading Australia’s Active-Shooter Lessons From The Paris Attacks

Illinois’ Largest Police Training Facility Could Shut Down Due To Budget Crisis

chicago training

Chicago (WLS) — In order for police to do their job well on the street, officers must log many hours in a classroom. But state’s budget crisis is putting some of that vital training at risk.

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Vancouver Police Dog Hangs On for Dear Life To Partner

A photo of K-9 officer Niko clinging to his handler's leg while rappelling down the side of a building is barking up a storm on social media.
A photo of K-9 officer Niko clinging to his handler’s leg while rappelling down the side of a building is barking up a storm on social media.
Training to be a cop isn’t for the faint of heart, but for a Vancouver police dog, it proved to be particularly ruff.

The Vancouver Police Department posted a photo on social media showing police service dog Niko in a harness while clinging to his human partner’s leg while the pair rappel down the side of a building. The image, which was shared on Oct. 22, is making international headlines this week and barking up a storm on social media.

“Hey dad… This rappelling? Yuh, I’m not a fan,” the photo caption reads.

Const. Sandra Glendinning, spokeswoman for Vancouver police, said the image was snapped while the five-year-old German Shepherd was attempting his first rappel from a five-storey building— his highest elevation yet— with his handler.

“When they came over the ledge and they started going down, he was fine for the first little bit,” she told Metro. “Then Const. Dan Ames, who is the handler in the picture, said he could feel the dog wrapping his front legs around his leg about two thirds of the way up, and the dog just kind of hung on.”

After the photo was posted online, Glendinning she was not prepared to see it fetch such a strong response, setting a record as one of VPD’s most popular images on social media.

“It’s a great image that shows the bond between a handler and a dog,” she said. “In this photo, you’ve got police service dog Niko who is clearly depending on his partner 100 per cent, and there’s a level of trust there.”  

Although Niko appears frightened while he clings to his partner, Glendinning said the dog actually took to rappelling very quickly. By wrapping his legs around his handler, she said the dog was able to stabilize himself.

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New Tasmania Police Recruits On Foodbank’s Festive Beat

Trainee constables Nathan Wheldon and Nikayla Roach packing hampers at Foodbank for the festive season. Picture: Luke Bowden
Trainee constables Nathan Wheldon and Nikayla Roach packing hampers at Foodbank for the festive season. Picture: Luke Bowden
Police recruits have taken a break from training to help out Tasmanians on struggle street.

About 30 trainee constables joined Foodbank Tasmania workers in Derwent Park today in packing more than 250 food boxes and hampers to distribute to charities across Tasmania.

Foodbank Tasmania supports about 200 Tasmanian welfare agencies, with demand particularly high at this time of year.


Recruit course director Sergeant Rod Stacey said it was a great opportunity for the recruits to help out in the community before they graduated on November 13.

“The recruits are set many challenges during their training, however they are training scenarios,” he said.

“Some people in our community face daily and sometimes overwhelming challenges — particularly in the lead-up to Christmas.”

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New State of the Art Police Training Center Opens In Philadelphia

With a snip of enormous scissors, Mayor Nutter, Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey, and other top city officials Thursday inaugurated a new police training center in Northeast Philadelphia that they hope will go a long way to create a force for this era.

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Elite Police Training Centre To Be Built In Old Underground Bedford Reservoir


Britain’s elite police firearms officers are to be trained in a new state-of-the-art weapons and tactics academy based in a disused underground reservoir in Bedford.

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Indonesian Police To Seek Training from United Kingdom


The Indonesian National Police said on Friday that they would seek assistance from England’s National Crime Agency (NCA) to further train the force’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) to help catch wanted terror suspect Santoso in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

National Police chief Gen. Badrodin Haiti said the plan was decided following the Indonesian Military’s (TNI) reluctance to conduct a joint training session between the Army’s Special Forces (Kopassus) and police officers in order to improve the latter’s capability to survive in the wilderness.

“We have several alternatives if the TNI does not want to [conduct a joint training session]. One of the countries we may seek assistance from is England,” he told reporters at the National Police headquarters in South Jakarta.

Although the plan has not yet been made official, Badrodin said he hoped there could be an agreement between the NCA and the National Police so that an instructor from the agency could be sent to train Indonesian officers.

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Minnesota Police Trained To Identify Veterans In Crisis


Some police officers across Minnesota are going through training on how to identify veterans in crisis.

The training is meant to help officers recognize and offer support for a growing number of returning war veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder or a traumatic brain injury.

Officers from St. Paul, Minneapolis and Richfield police departments as well as University of Minnesota and Metro Transit officers took part in the training. Minnesota has the distinction of being home to the longest deployed national guard unit in the country.

Baker is a defense attorney who co-teaches a class called, “De-escalation Strategies for Minnesota Veterans in Crisis.” He tells officers what to look for, like combat badges, bumper stickers or clothing that helps identify a person as a veteran.

“What we want is to understand that this is a veteran, and if it’s a veteran crisis, how do we get them to treatment,” Baker said.

Officers from the St. Paul Police Department took part in the training, too.

“It’s a new item in our bet that we will be able to use and hopefully use less force,” St. Paul Police Sgt. Paul Paulos said.

Sgt. Paulos says it’s not a free pass for veterans, but a tool that can be used to get them the help they need.

Source: CBS Minnesota.