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Off-Duty SA Police Officer Arrests Man Who Allegedly Covered Hyde Park Tavern In Graffiti

An off-duty police officer driving his children to school has arrested a man who allegedly covered the outside of the fashionable Hyde Park Tavern with graffiti this morning.

Pub manager Luke Kelly noticed the graffiti spelling out the words “dogs” and “dead funk” when he arrived to work at 8.45am.

The 162-year-old hotel underwent a major revamp in 2008 and further renovations in 2012.

Mr Kelly initially thought the venue had been vandalised overnight.

However, he then noticed two men tackling a third man on across the road from the hotel on King William Rd.

“I went out to have a look and saw him detained by a couple of civilians,” Mr Kelly said..

“It was an off-duty cop dropping off his kids who saw him.”

The police officer involved has confirmed Mr Kelly’s story.

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SA Police Officer Norman Hoy Speaks About Acquittal On Charges of Assaulting Yasser Shahin

The police officer acquitted of assaulting millionaire Yasser Shahin has broken his silence about the “devastating” effects of the case and vowed to continue in his work.

Constable Norman Hoy has told the Police Journal he is slowly recovering from fears and emotions he “bottled” for three years while awaiting trial for aggravated assault.

He says his acquittal, and the presiding judge’s condemnation of the prosecution, not only vindicated him but released a flood of repressed feelings.

“I’d lost it completely … I didn’t know where (the emotion) came from but, obviously, it was the stress of the years,” he says.

“I’d been bottling it up and keeping it inside me, and it was all finally released.

“(The judge’s comments were) affirmation of what I’d believed right from day one, and even when I was handed the complaint form, that I hadn’t done anything wrong.”

Const Hoy, 59, is the subject of a nine-page Police Journal feature that describes the case as “the worst injustice … inflicted on a cop in decades” and “doomed-to-failure”.

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SA Police Reveal 6388 Domestic Violence Reports In Just One Year

South Australian police have revealed for the first time that more than 6000 aggravated assaults reported each year relate to domestic violence.

Community leaders say the figures confirm their “worst fears” about the magnitude of the issue facing the community – and worry it is even more pervasive as domestic violence is often under-reported.

But they say naming the size of the problem will help raise awareness and spur on changes to attitudes and behaviours that must happen at the cultural, institutional and individual level.

SA Police figures show there were 6388 aggravated assaults which occurred in a domestic environment – 40 per cent of all aggravated assaults – in 2013-14. It represents a 2 per cent growth from the previous year, when there were 6223.

SA Police Commissioner Gary Burns said that since police had put a “major emphasis” on policing domestic violence in the past year the number of reported assaults had risen.

Status for Women Minister Gail Gago said there was no place for violence against women and their children in our society.

“These figures confirm our worst fears. Domestic violence is an extremely pervasive issue confronting Australian families and communities,” she said.

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Judge Quotes Positive Effects Of Ice On Driving, Acquits Of Dangerous Driving Charge

A South Australian mother who seriously injured a boy when she ran a red light has been acquitted of a dangerous-driving charge by a judge who took into account expert evidence that the methylamphetamine in her system may have had a “positive effect” on her abilities behind the wheel.

The court had heard the boy suffered a broken leg, a collapsed lung, abdominal injuries, skull fractures and cuts to his face after Lenarczyk, 39, of Highbury, smashed into him as he made his way through a pedestrian crossing along The Grove Way, Salisbury Heights.

District Court Judge Barry Beazley on Thursday found her guilty of the lesser charge of driving without due care, because it was not proved the “mid level” recording of the drug in her system caused any adverse effect to her driving.

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Dumb and Dumber – A Pair of Drug-Driving Dopes Caught By South Australia Police At Evanston

A woman has been reported for drug-driving and driving while disqualified — just minutes after taking the wheel from another woman in the same car who was also caught drug-driving.

Police stopped a car on Longford St at Evanston, about 2pm on Thursday, and tested the driver for alcohol and drugs.

The Evanston woman, 41, returned a positive reading for methamphetamine. She was fined for first offence drug-driving and directed not to drive for 24 hours.

Police stopped the same car on Elgin Ave about 15 minutes later and discovered the driver was now the passenger from the first offence.

It is alleged the Gawler West woman, 47, also returned a positive reading for methamphetamine and was driving while disqualified.

She was reported and summonsed to appear in court at a later date. The car was impounded for 28 days.

In a controversial court case this week, a judge found a drug-driving mother of three not guilty of dangerous driving.

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South Australia Police Releases Monthly Crime Statistics

South Australia Police has released their monthly state and Local Service Area crime statistics. Check out your area here.

State-wide the statistics over the last 12 months to the end of May show that reported offences against the person have risen 14 per cent and the total reported offences against property have fallen two per cent.

This has resulted in an overall rise in reported crime of one per cent.

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Source: www.police.sa.gov.au

Families SA To Hire Former Police Officers To Investigate Complaints

Families SA will hire forensic investigators, such as former police officers, to beef up a unit that investigates complaints against foster carers or contracted social workers.

Education and Child Development Department chief executive Tony Harrison told The Advertiser he is reforming the Care Concern Investigation Unit, which investigates allegations of abuse or mistreatment of children in state care.

The unit is now staffed by Families SA social workers. Mr Harrison said his department would hire new staff trained in forensic investigation, who could include former police officers, to “significantly increase” the focus on serious investigations.

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Google Takes Action Against Revenge Porn

Internet giant Google has announced it will take action against revenge porn by accepting, for the first time, complaints from victims and removing images from its search results. However, other popular genres of adult content, such as what can be seen on https://www.watchmygf.sex/, will remain the same.

This week, The Advertiser revealed more than 400 Adelaide women and teenagers had been exposed by a US-based website that had made their nude photos – both revenge porn and stolen – online.

Many of those affected, including football legend Graham Cornes daughter, Amy, have reported the matter to SA Police, who are investigating.

The user who posted the images claims they cannot be stopped because the site is based overseas, but police say Australians who supply images to the site can and will be arrested. Many examples of revenge porn can be found on websites similar to www.nu-bay.com, though these will always be removed at the request of the parties involved.

The database of images has since spread to three other websites and expanded to include faked and Photoshopped images of a pornographic nature.

Yesterday, Channel Sevens Sunrise program apologised for victim blaming those affected in a Facebook post that failed to consider the fact the images had been stolen and posted without permission.

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Police Try To Block Access To US Porn Site Featuring Nude Images Of Australian Women

South Australian police are trying to block access from Australia to a US website featuring nude images of Australian women.

Electronic Crime Section boss Barry Blundell says police have received reports in relation to the site and are speaking with the federal communication authorities to have access from Australia blocked.

He says attempts are also being made to track down people in Australia who might have illegally posted images on the site.

But Senior Sergeant Blundell told ABC radio on Wednesday that local police are powerless to have the site shut down or to have images removed.

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More Police Funding In South Australia Budget For Body Worn Cameras And Tablets

South Australian police will get body-worn cameras and tablet computers in a major funding boost in Thursday’s state budget.

Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis says providing $13.3 million for tablets and cameras is about giving frontline police the tools they need to fight crime.

Assistant Commissioner Linda Williams says the devices will make policing more efficient, with the cameras providing crucial evidence for use in court and potentially protecting police from unfounded allegations of misconduct.

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