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New Toronto Police Mobile App Makes It Easier To Report Crime

The Toronto Police Service has launched a mobile app that will allow users to report crimes and quickly get information about crime prevention across the city.

Using their smart phones, residents will be able to file certain police reports, get safety alerts, locate police stations, file traffic complaints, and receive notifications from police social media accounts, among other features.

“We feel that this will help with the relationship we have with victims,” said Const. Hugh Ferguson during a press conference on Tuesday morning.

The Ottawa Police Service, Edmonton Police Service, Calgary Police Service, Metro Vancouver Transit Police, and other law enforcement agencies in Canada have also launched similar mobile apps.

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Top Ten Apps For American Law Enforcement Officers

POLICE Magazine has identified 10 smartphone apps that provide potent tools for patrol officers. These 10 law enforcement apps should keep you engaged in your investigations and may just save you a trip back to the station.

As a patrol officer working the field for a small municipal police department in Ohio, Officer Mark A. Brooks often encountered situations in the field that defied clear-cut legal answers. Gray areas often emerged that were out of the purview of his standard operating procedures.

He could legally scan license plates of vehicles in motion, but what about a car or truck parked in a private driveway or in a strip mall? And if the niece of a city official told him her relative possessed child pornography on a computer, could the subject expect privacy?

To give himself a reliable legal resource, Officer Brooks began maintaining a binder of case law as an easy reference guide for himself, fellow officers, or even less-than-fully-informed supervisors who gave him instructions that resulted in courtroom dismissals of his cases.

Officer Brooks eventually took his binder into the digital realm, by learning software development for the Android smartphone platform. He first produced the Ohio Cop “app” as a reference for case law in his own state. And because so many other officers responded favorably to his app, he later created U.S. Cop to bring resources to field officers outside of his own state. U.S. Cop is now one of the more widely used law enforcement apps.

Including Brooks’ app, POLICE Magazine has identified 10 smartphone apps that provide potent tools for patrol officers.

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Source: www.policemag.com