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Local Parents Seek To Empower Children In the Face of Stranger Danger

Northern Territory parents are asking self-defence experts to teach their kids how to protect themselves following a spate of suspicious approaches to children by men in cars.

Two children were encouraged into two different cars outside Parap Primary and Dripstone Middle School, and there was a third case where a Darwin Middle school student was followed and beeped at.

Krav Maga instructor Adam Gulla said he had noticed a rise in parents asking him to teach their children about self-defence.

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Nepalese Police Train Females To Fight After Rise In Sex Crime Reports In Earthquake Camps

Police in Nepal have started self-defense lessons for women and girls in camps for people displaced by massive earthquakes earlier this year.
Increased reports of sexual harassment and assault have raised concerns for the safety of displaced females.
More than 8,700 people died in the two major quakes that hit Nepal on April 25 and May 12, destroying nearly half a million houses and leaving thousands camping out in the open.
The courses began last week in the capital Kathmandu.

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