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Riot Police Operation At Christmas Island

There were reports one person was treated for an overdose
There were reports one person was treated for an overdose
Riot police are moving to restore order at the Christmas Island detention centre following unrest sparked by the death of a detainee.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed reinforcements had arrived.

“There’s an operation under way,” he told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday.

“The government’s not going to cower in the face of the activities of some of these criminals.”

Centre operators had control of the administration block and health clinic as of Monday night and authorities had been patrolling the perimeter of the facility.

Mr Dutton said police had settled some compounds on Tuesday.

“The officers were met with little resistance,” he said.

The minister was confident authorities would contain the situation and warned those who had damaged Commonwealth property would face the full force of the law.

Christmas Island Shire president Gordon Thomson tweeted late on Monday night that he had been stopped at a police road block 2km from the detention centre.

“Secret police op. DIBP silent,” he wrote.

He later posted that the local fire brigade had been sent to the facility.

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NT Police Seize Spears, Machetes and Other Weapons Following Deaths In Riot

NT Police seized spears, machetes and hammers on Groote Eylandt on Saturday night.
NT Police seized spears, machetes and hammers on Groote Eylandt on Saturday night.
NT Police have obtained and reviewed video footage of the fight that unfolded on Groote Eylandt, killing two men.

Commander Tony Fuller said it showed “a male struck by a spear thrown by a member of one of the opposing groups”.

“Police believe the male who threw that spear is the second male who was killed,’’ he said.

“We understand that the community is grieving and in shock. However police are asking the Elders and the community to assist in having these offenders come forward so that police can bring them to justice.”

Commander Fuller said police understood the community may be worried about revenge attacks.

“We ask the offenders to make contact with local police so that we can make arrangements to protect them,’’ he said.

“This is an extremely volatile situation which has been compounded by the death of another person on the island unrelated to this incident. “

Groote Eylandt is the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northeastern Australia. It is the homeland of, and is owned by, the Anindilyakwa people who speak the isolated Anindilyakwa language.
Groote Eylandt is the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northeastern Australia. It is the homeland of, and is owned by, the Anindilyakwa people who speak the isolated Anindilyakwa language.

More police arrived on Groote Eylandt on Sunday as tensions continue to simmer after clan fighting left two dead and another seriously injured in the small community of Angurugu.

The bodies of the two men, aged 19 and 29, were flown to Darwin on Sunday for autopsy amid an outpouring of grief from community members who turned out in numbers to see the plane off.

Police are yet to make any arrests but last night seized a number of weapons including spears, machetes and hammers.


The NT News has been told clan feuds go back generations, but the latest violence appears triggered by an altercation between two women which escalated to involve as 60 people armed with spears and machetes.

Commander Tony Fuller said the police priority on Sunday was to investigate the cause of Friday’s fight and to identity the people of interest involved in the deaths.

“This is a community in deep shock and mourning,’’ he said.

“We are respectful of Sorry Business requirements among relatives, and will work calmly and with care with Elders, families and residents to identify those responsible for the deaths.

“Our Members face a difficult task locating those responsible. Some will have fled into the Bush, while others have gone to ground elsewhere.

“Nonetheless, we appreciate the help provided by the community to date, and again appeal to anyone who might have information — especially video footage filmed on mobile devices — to come forward as soon as possible.”

Source: NT News.

Million Mask March: Rioters Hurl Fireworks and Set Police Car On Fire In London

A protester vandalises a police car during the 'Million Mask' demonstration   Photo: EPA
A protester vandalises a police car during the ‘Million Mask’ demonstration Photo: EPA
Fears of violence Anonymous tell protesters ‘the police are not your friends’ as thousands wear Guy Fawkes masks for Bonfire Night ‘Million Mask March’ on Westminster.

Trouble has broken out at the Million Mask March, with protesters throwing missiles and setting off fireworks and flares in central London.

A police car was set alight and its windscreen smashed near Green Park as thousands of ‘anti-capitalist’ campaigners flowed past the capital’s landmarks wearing Guido masks.

What started off as a peaceful protest descended into violence as activists clashed with officers.

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Victoria Police Decry Aggressive Melbourne Protesters: ‘Looking For Confrontation’

Police have decried the aggressive behaviour of protesters in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday, and criticised the rallies for being a drain on police resources.

Two anti-Islamic organisations, Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front, rallied at the steps of Parliament House, while counter-rallies by anti-racism protesters also met in the city. 

Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane, who led the police response to the protests, said some members from anti-racism groups were “looking for confrontation”.

“Essentially where the biggest attack on police occurred was when police lines were between what some would say are the far right group and the far left group,” he told Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings.

“We shouldn’t have to have 400 people at a demonstration of that size,” Commissioner Leane said. 

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Source: www.3aw.com.au

Police Horse Punched In Melbourne Riot With The Operation Costs Expected To Reach $250,000

Spring St was turned into a war zone as anti-Islam and anti-racism protesters fought running battles with police, shutting down one of Melbourne’s busiest streets.

More than 450 police officers were needed to keep the peace in an major operation expected to cost Victorian taxpayers up to $250,000.

Police estimate about 500 protesters took to the streets in a day of mayhem, criticising a small group of hardcore protesters intent on causing trouble.

Women, young children, and the elderly were forced to run for cover as right wing sympathisers from Reclaim Australia clashed with masked and hooded Socialist anarchists.

As more running battles took hold, police charged on horseback in a last-ditch effort to maintain order.

Order was restored after police pushed back the warring combatants with a blanket of capsicum spray.

Officers made four arrests, three for riotous behaviour and one person for punching a police horse.

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Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

Victoria Police Hold The Line, Condemn Violence As Protesters Clash At Parliament House

Police have blasted both sides involved in a series of right-wing protests and left-wing counter-demonstrations that shut down a part of the CBD, claiming the message has been lost amidst scenes of violence.

Victoria Police deployed capsicum spray and the horse squad, as well as more than 400 uniformed officers, in a bid to control crowds near Parliament House on Saturday.

“I think the message of the day from either side has been lost, I think they need to sit back and think about that. From a policing point of view, all the vision, all the twitter feeds, all the Facebooks that I’ve seen is all about the violence against our police members and police horses,” Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said.

“From a policing point of view, we can’t see the difference between the two sides,” he said.

Right-wing groups Reclaim Australia and United Patriots Front were staging a protest in Spring Street against what they claim is the “Islamisation” of Australia, attracting about 120 activists carrying Australian and Eureka flags, and banners opposing the “spread” of Islam, halal food and Asian immigration.

Four people were arrested for inciting violence and committing violent acts against police.

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Source: www.theage.com.au

Water Cannon Protected Officers In Ulster Rioting, Should Rioters Pay For The Water?

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has said water cannons helped officers avoid injury during serious disorder.

The vehicles were deployed in North Belfast on Monday to quell rioting loyalists who attacked police lines with missiles after an Orange Order parade was blocked. Despite that, 20 members of the force were hurt.

Alistair Finlay, former assistant chief constable of the PSNI said: “In our experience water cannons enhance the tactical options available to police and are best utilised in support of, and supported by, other tactical options, such as protected officers and attenuating energy projectiles.”

Mark Lindsay, chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland (PFNI), said water cannon have proven to be an effective riot control method where their use affords officers protection.

South of the border, in Ireland, the Gardaí charged protesters €35,000 for water cannon deployment. The Gardaí leases the water cannon vehicles from PSNI. The cost will be added to protester’s water bills.

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Source: www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Police Officer Who Saved Teenage Girl Lost Tooth During Belfast Riot

A man has been charged with attempted murder after a vehicle struck pedestrians during a riot in Belfast.

A teenage girl, 16, was trapped under the car and police and nationalist residents moved swiftly to manhandle it off the victim, who is in a stable condition in hospital.

A policeman who went to her aid was hit in the face by a bottle and lost a tooth, the Police Federation of Northern Ireland said.

Trouble flared after a loyal order parade was blocked from marching up a contested strip of North Belfast.
The suspect, 61, will appear in Belfast Magistrates’ Court in the morning charged with two counts of attempted murder, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said.

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Source: www.tyronetimes.co.uk

PSNI Investigates More ‘Loyalist Threats’ After Dozens Of Officers Were Injured In Belfast

Police in Northern Ireland are investigating the legitimacy of a threat from unnamed loyalists after a photograph was released of three masked men, seated behind a table with guns on it.

Their statement described police officers and members of the Parades Commission as “legitimate targets”.

It referred to Monday night’s violence in Belfast where there were clashes at the height of the marching season as an Orange Order parade was halted. Suspects were charged with attempted murder of police officers.

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Martin said: “We are aware that a very concerning photograph and statement have been circulated to some local media outlets today which we are investigating.

“Threatening the lives of serving police officers, staff and members of the Parades Commission for simply doing their jobs, is sickening and deplorable.

“Threats against police or any other body, have to be completely rejected and condemned by society.

“And I am sure that the vast majority of people will stand with us and roundly denounce these vile threats and the individuals who made them.”

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Damage From Ravenhall Metropolitan Remand Centre Riot Hits $10 Million

Thugs who led a $10 million prison riot spared only their own televisions as they inflicted cyclonic damage on the jail.

The Sunday Herald Sun has been told it will take up to a year for the Metropolitan ­Remand Centre at Ravenhall to be repaired after the chaos that gripped the facility 12 days ago.

Anything that could be destroyed — apart from their own property — has been left in ruins.

“It’s worse than a cyclone,” one prison source said.

Prisoners remain in lockdown, confined to their own cells, because the internal ­security structure of the jail ­remains compromised by the spree.

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Source: www.theaustralian.com.au