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Victoria Police Highway Patrol Infiltrates Hoon Gathering

Wyndham Highway Patrol (HWP) got word of a large car meet at the BP servo on Ballan Road, Wyndham Vale out in the west near Werribee. It seems that this was an informal gathering, and the unmarked car just slipped into the convoy of some 40 cars, un-noticed.

And there, out in the countryside, a 20 year old man from Sunshine indulged in what police described on their Facebook page as a “a series of anti-social driving manouvers”. At this point the HWP made their presence known, and a result the man has had his car impounded for 30 days. It’ll cost him $1035 to get it back, and he’s now due in court for the offences of Driving in a Dangerous Manner, Careless Driving, Improper Use and Making Undue Noise.

There is a time and place for skids, and that would be at any one of the myriad grassroot motorsports events that are on every day of each weekend. Cut loose there, and keep the public roads for cruising.

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Dandenong Magistrate “Slams” Learner Driver For Recklessness, Two Police Pursuits

A young learner driver who was involved in a string of crimes including two police pursuits — one that saw him come within a metre of a head-on collision — has been slammed by a magistrate for his “unbelievably reckless” behaviour.

Hallam man Jesse Gavin, 20, pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges in the Dandenong Magistrates’ Court this week, including speeding, reckless driving, negligent driving, failure to stop during a police pursuit, theft and aggravated burglary.

The court was told that in 10 months from July last year, Gavin was involved in two petrol drive-offs, a burglary and a crash where his car slammed into a power pole. During arrest, he was found with an amount of methamphetamines

Gavin was convicted and sentenced to 22 days’ jail — which he had already served at the Melbourne Remand Centre, therefore released free to give him opportunity to commit more crimes.

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Ed: magistrate ‘slams’ = 22 days in jail for methamphetamine, reckless and dangeours driving and a string of other offences. Clearly we have a different definition of the word ‘slams’, time to buy the new Magistrate’s Pocket Dictionary. Shame!

Minors Arrested After Pursuit, Ambulance Crash In Stolen Cars in Wagga

A teenager stole a car and crashed into a parked on-call ambulance in Wagga, police allege. The reckless episode was one of two major incidents involving young teens stealing cars at the weekend, with an additional two boys arrested over an unrelated police pursuit…

Source: www.dailyadvertiser.com.au