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Application for Reporting Indecent/Sexual Assault Has Escrow Functionality

According to a recent study of 27 schools, about one-quarter of female undergraduates said they had experienced nonconsensual sex or touching since entering college, but most of the students said they did not report it to school officials or support services. Continue reading Application for Reporting Indecent/Sexual Assault Has Escrow Functionality

WA Police Minister “Finds Balance” As Dangerous Serial Rapist Is Released

Serial rapist John Lyddieth is expected to live in Tuart Hill from today on a supervision order
Serial rapist John Lyddieth is expected to live in Tuart Hill from today on a supervision order
Serial rapist John Lyddieth has been released from prison to live in Tuart Hill. 

Lyddieth, 63, has spent most of the past 24 years behind bars for stalking and sexually assaulting women in the western suburbs between 1987 and 1991. He raped nine of his victims.

In granting his release on Friday, Supreme Court Justice Ralph Simmonds said Lyddieth remained a serious danger and would pose an unacceptable risk to the community if he was released from jail unsupervised.

He is expected to live in Tuart Hill from today on a supervision order with 44 conditions, including being monitored electronically and not being in the presence of females who have been drinking.

Police Minister Liza Harvey said yesterday she wanted dangerous sex offenders jailed indefinitely.

But she said the State Government did not have that “luxury” and needed to find a balance, she said yesterday, as serial rapist Dennis John Lyddieth prepared to walk free from jail.

“As a mother and member of the community, yes,” Mrs Harvey said. “But as a member of the Government…we don’t have that luxury necessarily of saying we will incarcerate someone forever. What we need to do as a Government is to try to find a balance and the Attorney General has that invidious task.

“I support him in his efforts.”

Mrs Harvey said the court made decisions based on factors presented to it and those decisions had to be respected.

She said the sex offender management squad and Department of Corrective Services were well-resourced to manage dangerous sex offenders in the community.

She expected Lyddieth’s photograph would appear on the dangerous sex offender register website from today.

Shadow attorney-general John Quigley yesterday urged the Government to release its “secret” review into WA’s dangerous sex offender laws immediately and introduce amendments to Parliament tomorrow.

Mr Quigley said the Government had been sitting on the report since June last year and the time for talk was over, as dangerous sex offenders continued to be released into the community.

He said dangerous sex offenders should be locked up until they were no longer considered to be at high risk of reoffending.

Mrs Harvey said the review was not secret and would be released when the new legislation was introduced in Parliament, which was imminent.

Source: The Western Australian.

Papua New Guinea Police Seeking Arrest for Manus Island Facility Guards Over Rape

Manus Island detention centre managers have been threatened with arrest for perverting the course of justice, unless three Australian guards accused of rape are returned for questioning.

Papua New Guinea police are investigating allegations that the trio, who worked for Wilson Security­, allegedly drugged and gang-raped a woman who also worked at the centre. They are angry that the guards were removed­ from the island before a formal investigation.

The alleged victim had made an official complaint to police and supplied some evidence.

Manus Island provincial police commander Alex N’Drasal said he had set a deadline to arres­t centre managers after the close of business today unless the three men were flown back to co-operate with the police investigation. “Their actions have perverted the course of justice,” Mr N’Drasal said.

Rape convictions carry the death penalty in PNG.

The Immigration Department confirmed that the three staff members had been stood down and returned to Australia over an “incident”.

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Source: www.theaustralian.com.au

Nepalese Police Train Females To Fight After Rise In Sex Crime Reports In Earthquake Camps

Police in Nepal have started self-defense lessons for women and girls in camps for people displaced by massive earthquakes earlier this year.
Increased reports of sexual harassment and assault have raised concerns for the safety of displaced females.
More than 8,700 people died in the two major quakes that hit Nepal on April 25 and May 12, destroying nearly half a million houses and leaving thousands camping out in the open.
The courses began last week in the capital Kathmandu.

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Man Impersonated Queensland Police Officer To Violently Rape Sex Worker

Investigators alleged the man phoned the sex worker for a massage and sex and arrived at the woman’s motel room around 11.40pm. When the woman opened the door the man allegedly produced a police ID badge and said he was an officer before zip-tying her hands behind her back. The man allegedly zip-tied the woman’s hand to the leg of a table and forced her to have sex and perform oral sex on him. 

The man will appear in court again on June 29 charged with assuming the designation of a police officer, deprivation of liberty, entering a dwelling with intent, possession of tainted property, possession of drug utensils, possession of dangerous drugs, two counts of rape, two counts of sexual assault and armed robbery.

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Source: www.couriermail.com.au