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Police Car Rammed In 140km/h Pursuit In Gosnells

A man was arrested over an alleged 140km/h chase in Perth overnight that covered several suburbs and only stopped after he rammed a police vehicle.

Officers from the Regional Investigations Unit nabbed the 28-year-old driver after the pursuit, which started in Bayswater and ended in Gosnells, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

About 2am officers tried to stop a green Holden Commodore on Coode Street, which will be alleged was travelling at speed.

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New South Wales Police Cleared Over Chase Of Methamphetamine Fueled Driver

A coroner has cleared police of wrongdoing after a former concreter high on methamphetamine died when his car hit a power pole and burst into flames during an early-morning high-speed chase.

Steven Anthony Dahms, 44, was killed before flames took hold of the BMW he had used to try to outrun police during the six-kilometre chase from Teralba to Barnsley early on May 8, 2013.

Police began chasing Mr Dahms’ car when it took off from the Teralba railway station car park minutes after railway staff had reported two people attempting to break into a ticket-vending machine about 3.30am.

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Motorcyclist Dies In Crash While Trying To Evade Police On Dandenong Rd

A Motorcyclist killed while trying to flee police sped up and ran a red light within a “matter of seconds” of a patrol car trying to intercept him.

A 39-year-old Boronia man died this morning after crashing into a ute on the corner of Dandenong Rd and Atkinson St in Oakleigh.

Victoria Police Superintendent Richard Watkins said police were investigating the incident.

They’ve activated the sirens, they’re moving and (the motorcyclist) accelerated, it was a matter of seconds.”

Supt Watkins said the 54-year-old driver of the ute was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

“It’s shattering for him, he’s received physical injuries but he’s got to live with the fact that he’s been in a crash where somebody has died,” he said.

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Victoria Police Pursuits Face Tough New Rules After The Death Of Pursued Car’s Passenger

Police could be banned from chasing cars that flee under strict new rules on pursuing suspects.

The death of 17-year-old Sarah Booth, who was a passenger in a car being pursued by police at high speed when it crashed killing her, has led to an overhaul in the force’s policy to chase suspects.

The Herald Sun understands police will no longer be allowed to pursue a driver simply fleeing police, even if lights and sirens have been activated.

And sources say the circumstances in which police can give chase have been narrowed and will be more tightly monitored with a greater priority on “safety first”.

Under the new policy, it is believed police will only undertake “imperative pursuits’’ where the apprehension of the driver or its occupants is essential to prevent danger to other people.

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Car Chased By Police Flies Into Whangarei House

A car involved in a police chase and being driven by a man who had allegedly been drinking crashed through a fence, became airborne, clipped a garage roof and crash landed against the wall of a bedroom in which an 82-year old woman was asleep.

Five people were in the car that crashed into the unit below road level on the corner of Waiatawa and Whareora Rds at 3am yesterday. They were taken to Whangarei Hospital but it is understood only one was admitted.

The elderly resident was shaken but unhurt. The woman, who did not want to be named, said she had been fast asleep and got “a dreadful fright” when the car slammed into her house.

Thirty minutes earlier the car had allegedly been involved in a police pursuit through central Whangarei which police had called off for safety reasons.

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Rotorua Police Pursuit Complied With Policy – IPCA Finds

In a report released today the New Zealand’s Independent Police Conduct Authority found that Rotorua Police officers involved in a pursuit, in order to apprehend three dangerous and threatening men, followed Police policy and were justified in their actions.

On 26 May 2014 Police received a call from a member of the public who reported three men acting suspiciously in a Mazda MPV. This vehicle matched that of a car that was reported stolen two days prior following two aggravated robberies. Police suspected the three occupants of the stolen car were those who had committed the robberies in the days before.

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Suspended Provisional Drunk Teen Driver Hits 180kph During High Rate of Speed Police Chase

A drunk teenager – with a suspended red P-plate licence and two unrestrained teenagers in the back of the ute – hit speeds of 180km/h during a police chase.

About 1.30am Sunday Highway Patrol officers were conducting speed checks on the Lakes Way at Darawank. 

A southbound ute, clocked at 117kmph in the 100km/h zone, accelerated away from when they tried to stop the vehice. Police estimated the car to be hitting speeds of 180km/h and began a pursuit.

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Does Queensland Police Pursuit Policy Discriminate Against Good Motorists?

When honest citizens obey a police directive to pull over when in breach of a traffic regulation it appears they are being discriminated against.

Why? Because the police pursuit policy allows the bad guys, who know the system, the opportunity to escape punishment. Police don’t want adverse publicity.

However, standing down Chris Hurley and Barry Wellington, two dedicated police officers, who take their job seriously in catching criminals, does nothing for public safety.

They would not now be in trouble if they had ignored the dangerously driving motorist who had attacked a cab driver with an axe.

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Fears Police Won’t Chase Criminals? The Fight Over Queensland’s Pursuit Policy

The opposition has echoed calls from Queensland’s police union for a review of the force’s pursuit policy after two officers were stood down over a Gold Coast chase. Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said the suspension was a “disgrace” and renewed call for the policy to be reviewed.

“I have a fear now that police will not pursue any criminals in Queensland for fear of disciplinary action being taken against them like we’ve seen with the two officers stood down,”  Shadow Police Minister Jarrod Bleijie said.

The police pursuit guidelines, which severely restrict when police can chase a criminal in a vehicle, were introduced in 2011 following a coronial inquest into several chase-related deaths.

In February the New South Wales Police criticised Queensland policy:

“The scary part of this scenario is the no-pursuit policy in Queensland and these offenders could have got away with armed firearms to live another day to commit another crime where someone could have been injured or killed” NSW Police Association president Scott Weber said.

The Queensland Police Union has also criticised the state’s no-pursuit policy at the time.

Source: www.brisbanetimes.com.au

Ashmont Teenager Led Police On High-Speed ‘Fun’ Chase In Stolen Vehicle; Injuries Avoided

A Wagga boy who drove a stolen panel van at up to 170km/h trying to escape police said after his arrest he wanted to outrun them because it was fun and just didn’t want to stop. The 14-year-old pleaded guilty in Wagga Children’s Court this week to five charges – vehicle theft, police pursuit, dangerous driving, speeding by more than 30km/h and unlicensed driving…

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