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Bystander Rescues Thief From Burning Car In Brisbane After Police Chase

A bystander bravely rescued a driver from a burning car he crashed in Brisbane’s north after shaking off a police chase.

The 29-year-old Brisbane man was allegedly caught stealing from a shop at Everton Park before jumping into a stolen car with police in pursuit on Friday morning.

Officers abandoned the chase when the man began driving dangerously, but seconds later he crashed into a brick wall.

A member of the public helped him to escape when the car burst into flames, police say.

Victoria Police Officers – Have Your Say On Police Pursuit Policy

Since Victoria Police released its restricted Pursuit Policy in July this year, The Police Association has received a steady stream of feedback from members. The feedback has been mixed but more recently it has focused on unintended consequences of the policy. Continue reading Victoria Police Officers – Have Your Say On Police Pursuit Policy

Victoria Police Fear for Safety With Criminals Emboldened By Pursuits Policy

A spate of violent attacks against Victoria’s police has fuelled concerns that young criminals are increasingly targeting officers and exploiting policies introduced to protect the public. Continue reading Victoria Police Fear for Safety With Criminals Emboldened By Pursuits Policy

Opinion: Don’t Advertise The ‘No Pursuit’ Policy

Fr. Kevin Dillon is St Mary’s parish priest in Geelong writes:

“(…) how should police respond if they see a quick U-turn by an approaching driver who observes the roadblock? Do they follow the car at a safe speed, hoping to pull it over, then test and perhaps apprehend the driver? And if the driver “steps on it”, do they pursue and increase their own speed — and if so, at what speed should they abandon the chase?

This week, a new policy regarding police pursuits was announced. News reports stated that police “must not initiate or continue a pursuit unless they believe that there is an urgent need to apprehend the vehicle occupant/s

While the reasoning behind the policy is plausible and very much focused on the safety of all, it may nonetheless create significant difficulties for the police “out there” day and night, in a wide variety of circumstances.

Drivers who wish to evade the police don’t deserve the comfort of knowing they can quietly drive above the speed limit and not be pursued.”

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Source: www.geelongadvertiser.com.au

Victoria Police Give Up Road Pursuits, Except In Rare Cases

Victoria Police will no longer pursue criminals on the road, unless they are suspected of a crime involving serious injury to a person and if no other means of apprehension are available.

Changes to Victoria Police’s policy on road pursuits dramatically limits the circumstances under which police can chase suspects in cars and bans pursuits over property and minor traffic offences.

The review was conducted following a coronial investigation into the deaths of teenagers Sarah Louise Booth and Jason Shaun Kumar, which found police should only give chase over the most serious offences.

Read more in SMH.

Source: www.smh.com.au

Two Charged Over Drugs, Car Theft And Police Pursuits In Perth

Two men in their 20s have been charged with car theft after separate police chases in Perth’s southern suburbs on Thursday night.

About 8.25pm police on patrol saw a stolen Holden Cruze driving on Osprey Drive in Yangebup. The officers tried to pull the car over, but it will be alleged the driver kept going leading the police through several suburbs before losing sight of the Holden.

The car was then seen on Armadale Road, eventually stopping on Albany Highway in Bedfordale.

And a 22-year-old man will appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Friday over a chase in St James on Thursday night.

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Source: www.perthnow.com.au