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Two Arrested As Rallies Clash in Perth

Rival protesters battled it out through a war of words in Perth’s Solidarity Park as anti-Islam and anti-racism groups staged opposing rallies on Sunday. Despite tensions running high between the two opposing rallies in Perth the protests were peaceful in comparison to others across Australia.

Angry protesters confronted the mounted Police who held the line and maintained control. About six mounted officers and a dog were needed to control the angry crowd but thankfully no officers were injured.

WA Police Inspector Mal Anderson said two men were arrested and released at the protest. He believed both were from the socialist alliance group and that half a dozen move on notices were issued to people on both sides of the protests.

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Source: www.perthnow.com.au

Police Officer Assaulted As Protesters Descended On Martin Place In Sydney

Pockets of violence broke out like spot fires around Martin Place as a largely reserved protest dissolved back in to the streets of Sydney shortly after midday.

While instances of provocation between the two warring mindsets broke out sporadically — the huge number of riot police kept unrest to a minimum.

Police confirmed at least five arrests were made, including that of a woman who allegedly assaulted a police officer.

Operation Commander, Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke that police were pleased with the behaviour of protest participants.

“While there were a small number of people who chose to do the wrong thing, the majority of participants cooperated with police, which allowed for a peaceful demonstration,” said Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke.

“We were clear from the start that we would not tolerate any criminal, anti-social or dangerous behaviour and we had sufficient police in place to ensure the safety of participants, local residents and visitors in the CBD.

“There was a minority who chose to ignore police directions and they were removed from the area immediately,” Clarke said.

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Source: www.perthnow.com.au

Armed Queensland Police Officers Keep Peace In Brisbane

About 100 heavily-armed police – with negotiators – in Brisbane’s CBD separated two groups of around 300 protesters each from the far left and the far right shouting racist and anti-racist comments over the top of each other at a Reclaim Australian rally.

But there was no violence in Brisbane, unlike scuffles on Saturday at a similar rally in Melbourne and arrests at a rally between clashing protesters in Sydney today.

Police reported no arrests at other Reclaim Australia rallies on the Gold Coast at Evandale, at the Espalande at Maroochydore, and in Mackay where Dawson MP George Christensen was scheduled to speak.

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Photo: Tony Moore

Protests At Talisman Sabre 2015 Exercise Cost Queensland Police Over $50,000

Protests at Shoalwater Bay against exercise Talisman Sabre have so far cost police over $50,000.

One of the protesters arrested yesterday morning, Nicholas John Deane, was fined $500 in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court this morning after pleading guilty to trespassing on the site.

The court heard Deane, 68, was found inside the military training area with camping and cold weather items and refused to leave when approached by members of the Australian Defence Force.

He was arrested and held in the Rockhampton Watchouse overnight after refusing to sign bail.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Manon Barwick said Deane, and other protesters, had cost police over $50,000 in responding to incidents at Shoalwater Bay and prevented them from attending emergency situations.

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Source: www.centraltelegraph.com.au

Ontario Paramedics Protest For Better PTSD Support

Southwestern Ontario paramedics are rallying together to call for greater resources for colleagues dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

More than 40 unionized paramedics from Sarnia-Lambton and Chatham-Kent protested outside the County of Lambton administration building in Wyoming Wednesday to raise awareness about the province-wide hot-button topic.

“On a day-to-day basis, paramedics are exposed to a lot of different incidents,” local union steward Chris Stolte said Wednesday. “You may go from a home childbirth to an hour later going to someone who has passed away at home and having to tell the patient’s wife of 50 years, ‘I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do for that individual.’

“You go from one extreme to another extreme,” he said. “It does take its toll on everybody.”

About 22 per cent of paramedics will be affected by PTSD during the course of their careers, according to statistics provided by SEIU Healthcare, the union representing Sarnia-Lambton and Chatham-Kent EMS workers.

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Nauru Government Orders Extra Police In The Face Of Riot Threats

The government of Nauru says it has activated off-duty police to secure the tiny Pacific island against the threat of further protests.

The government accused opposition MPs in a statement of trying to destabilise them by spreading “lies and mistruths” through foreign media, and of trying to score political points over Tuesday’s protest outside the nation’s parliament.

The government says numerous police officers were admitted to hospital and two were left with chest injuries, while some of the building’s windows were smashed.

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Source: www.theaustralian.com.au

Police and Traders Stand Firm After Far-Right Protest In Dudley

Police and traders in Dudley have stood firm against a far-right protest yesterday, saying “this is our town”.
About 100 people, some wearing masks, made offensive chants and pushed against police lines, during the sixth such rally protesting against the building of a mosque.
This operation went well with massive support from the people of the town and the people of the community who have worked with us.

It’s not been easy and at times there were some pinch points but overall everyone kept their calm and it’s gone well.” – DCI Phil Dolby, West Midlands Police.

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Manchester City Council Spends £88,000 On Fighting Homelessness Protest

Manchester’s City Council have spent a staggering £88,000 on Police, bailiffs, security and court costs to prevent homeless people from sleeping outside council buildings, more enough to pay a year’s rent for each protester.

Source: manchestergazette.co.uk