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WA Police Minister “Finds Balance” As Dangerous Serial Rapist Is Released

Serial rapist John Lyddieth is expected to live in Tuart Hill from today on a supervision order
Serial rapist John Lyddieth is expected to live in Tuart Hill from today on a supervision order
Serial rapist John Lyddieth has been released from prison to live in Tuart Hill. 

Lyddieth, 63, has spent most of the past 24 years behind bars for stalking and sexually assaulting women in the western suburbs between 1987 and 1991. He raped nine of his victims.

In granting his release on Friday, Supreme Court Justice Ralph Simmonds said Lyddieth remained a serious danger and would pose an unacceptable risk to the community if he was released from jail unsupervised.

He is expected to live in Tuart Hill from today on a supervision order with 44 conditions, including being monitored electronically and not being in the presence of females who have been drinking.

Police Minister Liza Harvey said yesterday she wanted dangerous sex offenders jailed indefinitely.

But she said the State Government did not have that “luxury” and needed to find a balance, she said yesterday, as serial rapist Dennis John Lyddieth prepared to walk free from jail.

“As a mother and member of the community, yes,” Mrs Harvey said. “But as a member of the Government…we don’t have that luxury necessarily of saying we will incarcerate someone forever. What we need to do as a Government is to try to find a balance and the Attorney General has that invidious task.

“I support him in his efforts.”

Mrs Harvey said the court made decisions based on factors presented to it and those decisions had to be respected.

She said the sex offender management squad and Department of Corrective Services were well-resourced to manage dangerous sex offenders in the community.

She expected Lyddieth’s photograph would appear on the dangerous sex offender register website from today.

Shadow attorney-general John Quigley yesterday urged the Government to release its “secret” review into WA’s dangerous sex offender laws immediately and introduce amendments to Parliament tomorrow.

Mr Quigley said the Government had been sitting on the report since June last year and the time for talk was over, as dangerous sex offenders continued to be released into the community.

He said dangerous sex offenders should be locked up until they were no longer considered to be at high risk of reoffending.

Mrs Harvey said the review was not secret and would be released when the new legislation was introduced in Parliament, which was imminent.

Source: The Western Australian.

WA Prison Officers’ Union Rejects Prison Recommendations


Recommendations to improve the efficiency of the West Australian prison system should be rejected because they are “confusing and contradictory”, a union says.

The Economic Regulation Authority has made 44 recommendations in a report released on Thursday, including performance benchmarks for jails and a commissioning model for choosing prison operators.

But WA Prison Officers’ Union secretary John Welch said a commissioning model would pit private and public sectors and not-for-profit organisations against each other for service contracts.

He said benchmarking would also fail because WA prisons were each different and spread over a large area, which presented unique challenges.

Source: The Australian.

Parole Applicants Forced To Give ‘Closure’ To Crime Victims In South Australia

Prisoners on life sentences in relation to murder who refuse to reveal the location of bodies will be denied parole under new reforms passed by the South Australian Government.

Those who do achieve parole will be subjected to parole conditions for the rest of their lives, with the Parole Board “compelled” to consider electronic monitoring, including via GPS.

SA Correctional Services Minister Tony Piccolo said the changes provided a fairer process and better supported victims’ families, especially those in murder cases where a body had not been found.

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Source: www.abc.net.au

More Lockdowns in WA’s Casuarina Max Security Prison Could Trigger Riots

Casuarina Prison inmates are to be locked down for longer and forgo rehabilitation programs under new staff roster procedures the Government admits could trigger a riot if mismanaged.

A leaked prison memo dated this month shows the Department of Corrective Services wants to reduce its overtime bill at the maximum security prison by altering each day’s operations “in keeping with the number of staff who actually report for duty”.

A DCS spokeswoman said overtime had not been banned and any “adaptive routine” was only implemented after appropriate risk assessment.

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Source: au.news.yahoo.com

Damage From Ravenhall Metropolitan Remand Centre Riot Hits $10 Million

Thugs who led a $10 million prison riot spared only their own televisions as they inflicted cyclonic damage on the jail.

The Sunday Herald Sun has been told it will take up to a year for the Metropolitan ­Remand Centre at Ravenhall to be repaired after the chaos that gripped the facility 12 days ago.

Anything that could be destroyed — apart from their own property — has been left in ruins.

“It’s worse than a cyclone,” one prison source said.

Prisoners remain in lockdown, confined to their own cells, because the internal ­security structure of the jail ­remains compromised by the spree.

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Source: www.theaustralian.com.au

Fire Guts Brisbane Correctional Centre That Houses Dangerous Prisoners

Fire crews have extinguished a large fire at a south-east Queensland prison.

A two-storey structure at the Brisbane Correctional Centre at Wacol, south-west of the city, was well alight when fire crews arrived shortly before 1pm on Friday.

The fire reportedly broke out in the dangerous prisoners sexual offenders area, and all inmates and staff have been accounted for.

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Drug Trafficker Lands 11 Years In Jail After CCC Investigation

A man caught in a year-long police investigation into a tri-state heroin trafficking network has been sentenced to more than 11 years in jail.

Mark Raymond Jacobs was handed an 11.5-year sentence on charges including drug trafficking, extortion and misconduct in public office earlier this month, the Crime and Corruption Commission announced on Monday.

In a statement, the CCC said Jacobs was a “high-level” target of Operation Lightning, which in 2012 busted a Romanian drug ring believed to have trafficked 30 kilograms of heroin (worth about $30 million) into Queensland over 10 years.

The drug ring was shifting heroin from New South Wales into Queensland and Victoria.

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Melbourne Prison Bosses Failed To Act On Riot Tip-off, Sources Claim

The Herald Sun has been told an inmate made a letter drop which made its way to the prison intelligence unit, warning them three weeks in advance of the massive upheaval about to be unleashed on the Metropolitan Remand Centre.

Guards are wary some prisoners remain armed as Corrections Victoria staff wrest back full control of the prison.

Prison sources say corrections bosses put unwitting guards in danger by failing to inform them of a planned uprising over smoking bans.

“We all thought we were dead,’’ the prison source said.

“The fear was indescribable. And they (management) knew it was going to happen.

“They’re not telling the truth … and they’re still putting our safety at risk.’’

In the chaos on Tuesday, guards were forced to save their colleagues trapped in the industrial section of the prison as well as compliant prisoners at risk as rioters breached the area to get weapons.

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Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

Rioting Prisoners Cause $10,000,000 Destruction Bill, Blow Hole In Victoria State Budget

Fire crews today responded to another small fire at the Metropolitan Remand Centre after a Tuesday riot left a $10m damage bill.

Five trucks rushed to the Ravenhall prison, according to reports, before a cell fire was contained just before lunchtime.

The prison was overrun by rioting prisoners just after midday on Tuesday, destroying about $10 million of property.

Rioting prisoners are protesting about smoking bans, which came into effect yesterday.

Acting Premier James Merlino has declared those responsible for the damage would “feel the full force of the law” and three investigations would be held: a police investigation, a Corrections Victoria investigation and an independent review from former Deputy Police Commissioner Kieran Walshe.

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Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

New South Wales Braces To Prevent ‘Copycat’ Jail Riots When Smoking Ban Comes In

The New South Wales Corrective Services Commissioner has asked Victorian prison authorities for an urgent briefing on the Melbourne jail riot, ahead of the NSW smoking ban coming in next month.

But prison advocate groups have warned tensions are already high in prisons across the state and that the smoking ban is a denial of prisoners’ rights. Maybe prison authorities should consider allowing vape pens instead of cigarettes as this is not only a healthier option, but prisoners are likely to enjoy them much more due to the range of flavours they come in. Its easier for authorities too as they can easily order the requested flavours online at gourmeteliquid.co.uk. Flavors are also more fun as you can pick and choose depending on what mood you’re in, if you would like to check out some vape flavors then looking online is a great way to browse all of the different ones and choose the falvor that is right for you.

The smoking ban in New South Wales’ jails comes into effect on August 10.

NSW Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin said he emailed his Victorian counterpart to take lessons from the riot at the Metropolitan Remand Centre that will influence policy change in NSW.

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Source: www.abc.net.au