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Canberra Police Officer’s Monaro Highway Near-miss Sparks Fatigue Warning

A Canberra police officer has filmed what they say could have been a head-on collision with a car carrying two young children.

The ACT Policing traffic operations officer was driving along the Monaro Highway over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend when faced with an oncoming four-wheel drive dangerously trying to overtake another car. 

The footage shows the oncoming car travelling towards the officer on the wrong side of the road. The officer pulls off the road just before the four-wheel drive makes a last-minute merge back into its lane.

ACT Policing have used the video to warn drivers of the dangers of fatigue, particularly travellers heading between Canberra and the snowfields, saying the near-miss could have resulted in multiple road deaths.

The footage has emerged a day after police called on Canberrans to slow down and stay alert in wet weather, following a deadly week on the ACT’s slippery roads including two deaths and 43 crashes as of 1pm Thursday. 

A man died in hospital after his car crashed into a tree in Farrer early Thursday morning, less than 24 hours after a 31-year-old man died in a crash on Erindale Drive on Wednesday afternoon.

ACT Policing said the occupants of the oncoming car included two adults and two young children. They were returning from a weekend at the snow.

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Source: www.brisbanetimes.com.au

Police Call for Busselton CCTV

Busselton Senior Sergeant Steve Principe has called on the City of Busselton to install more closed circuit television in the central business district and on the foreshore in a bid to deter crime.

Sen. Sgt Principe told the Times police got “regular complaints” of smashed windows or general damage in the CBD and said CCTV would give police a fighting chance to catch those responsible.

“CCTV helps to capture offences that take place which allows us to have vision to show the community to try and identify the offender if we don’t know who they are,” he said.

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Source: au.news.yahoo.com

Internet Ban On Potential Jihadists Proposed By Victorian Police

A new law that would restrict the movement of potential jihadists and ban them from using the internet in a bid to steer them away from extremism is being considered by the Victorian Government.

Under the proposal from Victoria Police, counterterrorism officers would be able to apply for Community Protection Intervention Orders (CPIOs) for anyone deemed to have been radicalised, even if they were not planning an attack or preparing to fight overseas.

People under CPIOs could be banned from using the internet, face restrictions on their movements and associates, live under curfews and be forced to enrol in de-radicalisation programs.

Victorian Attorney-General Martin Pakula said the bold move was aimed at young people at risk.

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Wagga Police To Hold Public Safety Meeting This Thursday

Wagga police will hold an open community meeting to inform the public how officers are responding to crime. The open forum safety meeting will allow members of the public to provide input and raise any concerns or neighbourhood issues that may need to be addressed.

Information relating to domestic violence, crime prevention, licensing and youth issues will also be available. It will be held on Thursday at the Parish Centre on Johnson Street between 10am to 11am.

Source: www.riverinaleader.com.au

Oi! It’s Your Choice: Police Start Social Media Campaign Aimed At Assault Prevention

POLICE Minister Jo-Ann Miller and Commissioner Ian Stewart have revealed the message behind the Oi social media campaign that has been promoted through QPS social media over the past three weeks.

Oi – It’s Your Choice is an assault reduction campaign aimed at three collective groups, offenders, bystanders and in some circumstances victims.

Source: www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au

Police Bus Prevents Drink Drivers From Hitting the Road

Telling people drink-driving is dangerous won’t necessarily stop them from doing it, but giving them a bus will.

That’s the message from Gladstone PCYC, which works hard every year to keep festival-goers at Agnes Blues and Roots safe.

Not one drink driver was found at this year’s festival, which marked five years of partnership between the Bundaberg PCYC, Gladstone PCYC, Agnes Water Police and the festival committee to give people an alternative to drink driving, or sleeping on the beach.

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Source: www.gladstoneobserver.com.au