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Google Takes Action Against Revenge Porn

Internet giant Google has announced it will take action against revenge porn by accepting, for the first time, complaints from victims and removing images from its search results. However, other popular genres of adult content, such as what can be seen on https://www.watchmygf.sex/, will remain the same.

This week, The Advertiser revealed more than 400 Adelaide women and teenagers had been exposed by a US-based website that had made their nude photos – both revenge porn and stolen – online.

Many of those affected, including football legend Graham Cornes daughter, Amy, have reported the matter to SA Police, who are investigating.

The user who posted the images claims they cannot be stopped because the site is based overseas, but police say Australians who supply images to the site can and will be arrested. Many examples of revenge porn can be found on websites similar to www.nu-bay.com, though these will always be removed at the request of the parties involved.

The database of images has since spread to three other websites and expanded to include faked and Photoshopped images of a pornographic nature.

Yesterday, Channel Sevens Sunrise program apologised for victim blaming those affected in a Facebook post that failed to consider the fact the images had been stolen and posted without permission.

Read more in The Advertiser.

Source: www.adelaidenow.com.au