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Queensland Police Union Attacks Commissioner’s Reappointment

The Queensland Police Union has lambasted the state government over their “behind closed doors” reappointment of police commissioner Ian Stewart.

Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller extended Commissioner Ian Stewart’s three-year tenure for two more years on Tuesday, following months of union criticism of the state’s top officer.

Unlike all other department directors-general, the Labor government didn’t re-advertise the commissioner’s role and Mr Stewart did not reapply for his job under the new merit-based appointment process.

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Police Commissioner Ian Stewart’s Contract Likely To Be Renewed

ian stewart

Ian Stewart was the compassionate senior cop beside Anna Bligh during the 2011 floods and the ultimate “tough on crime” enforcer as he led the LNP government’s crackdown on bikies.

Now the Queensland Police Commissioner is set to extend his time under the Palaszczuk Government as it tries to refocus its police agenda on organised crime.

The Courier-Mail has been told Stewart’s contract, ending in late October, will be renewed – most likely for another two years – but so far the Government has refused to publicly commit to any extension.

While Stewart may be the front runner, other names bandied around include Deputy Commissioners Ross Barnett, Brett Pointing, and Steve Gollschewski and Assistant Commissioners Bob Gee and Katarina Carroll.

Carroll, currently the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Commissioner, was widely praised for her handling of the police response at the G20 Summit in Brisbane last year.

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Changing of the Guard As Grant Stevens Replaces Gary Burns As SA Police Commissioner

“Anyone who said they weren’t scared at any one time in their police career wouldn’t be telling the truth.” – those are the words of outgoing South Australian Police Commissioner Gary Burns. Commissioner Burns will be retiring from his post and the force on Monday after 46 years of service.

Next Tuesday Grant Stevens will become SA’s 21st police commissioner, taking over from incumbent Gary Burns, whose tenure finishes at midnight on Monday.

Stevens, 51, will take control of an organisation about to undergo one of its biggest shake-ups and at a time when there are more demands than ever facing it in areas as diverse as domestic violence, the growth of organised crime and the increasing threat of a terror attack.

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Queensland Police Commissioner Backs Down Over Ipswich Hub Move

Queensland’s police commissioner has backed down on a controversial plan to relocate a communications centre after sustained criticism from opponents and a dressing down from the premier.

Commissioner Ian Stewart on Thursday afternoon put on hold on his decision to relocate the Ipswich communications hub to Brisbane.

“It is in the best interests of all parties involved with the proposed consolidation of the Ipswich communications centre that all levels of government are satisfied with the benefits to the community,” a Queensland Police Service statement said.

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Queensland Police Commissioner Explains Changing Nature of Blue Line

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart says that with enough community engagement and awareness, domestic violence can become a scourge of the past.

Addressing the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s inaugural Conversations breakfast yesterday, Mr Stewart said it was only with stronger community effort and collaboration that domestic and family violence rates would be reduced.

It came under the broader topic of the role of police in community safety, which Mr Stewart told the sold-out breakfast, involved modernising policing methods which had changed over the past 40 years.

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BPD Commish: More Officers Likely To Be Arrested, Forced Out As Result of Reforms

More Baltimore police officers likely face arrest as the result of reforms in a scandal-ridden department that requires “wholesale change,” Commissioner Anthony W. Batts wrote in a wide-ranging opinion piece published in The Baltimore Sun.

“Our reform efforts will very likely see more police officers arrested,” Batts wrote. “We will have more officers who are forced out because their outdated, outmoded views of policing do not match the standards the community expects and demands.”

Batts did not address the alleged slowdown in policing but focused on portraying his management of the department as having aggressively reformed an agency that the public viewed as “out of control” when he arrived.

“Many officers will be unhappy reading these words,” Batts wrote. “Many want me to outright defend the department and say nothing is wrong with the way this organization engages in police work. For the overwhelming majority that is true.

“However, when people go on television, wearing masks, allege themselves to be police officers and are cloaked in the shadows espousing their own indifference to violence as children are shot, I am troubled,” he said, referring to anonymous sources who have appeared on TV news shows in recent weeks. “This is not the Baltimore Police Department that I know.”

The police union has denied that there is a work slowdown.

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Ed: keep throwing the babies out with the water. Get a grip, Batts, you are the part of problem, it’s unlikely you’ll win mayoral election – that’s your goal, right?

WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan’s Contract Extended for Two Years

WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan has had his contract extended for another two years, making him one of the state’s longest serving police commissioners.

Mr O’Callaghan’s contract was due to expire in August but will now extend to August 2017.

Premier Colin Barnett says Mr O’Callaghan has been an asset to WA Police since becoming the commissioner in 2004.

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Queensland Police Commissioner’s Blunt Message To Bikies: They Haven’t Won the War

Seven Bandido motorcycle gang members charged over the infamous Gold Coast bikie brawl, which triggered Queensland’s tough anti­bikie laws, walked free from Southport Magistrates Court after they were either found not guilty or had charges dropped. Charges against four others were downgraded to public nuisance.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart has sent an email to all Queensland police officers urging them to stay staunch. In the email, obtained by The Courier-­Mail, he dismissed the court defeat as a technical loss and said he was “very grateful” to police who attended the brawl and brought the bikies before court.

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Ten-Year Terror Threat: Victoria Police Chief

New Chief Commissioner of Police Graham Ashton says Victoria’s terror threat will persist for a decade, and the drug ice is another major problem. There is an “inevitability” to Victoria becoming the site of a terrorist attack, police say. Mr Ashton said the drug ice was also having a dramatic effect on Victoria, particularly in rural areas being targeted by bikies who were running the drug.

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New PNG Police Commissioner Says AFP Partners Too Independent From National Police

Papua New Guinea’s new police commissioner Gary Baki is looking to review the policing partnership with Australia because he says the officers have too much independence from the national police commission. A total of 73 Australian Federal Police members are currently in PNG, with 13 in Lae and 60 in Port Moresby. The issue was one of many canvassed by Mr Baki at his first major news conference in Port Moresby yesterday.

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