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Fifteenth Anniversary of the Australia Day Police Tragedy

Cessna 310 (civilian), similar to the aircraft operated by WA Police

Australia Day 2001: four police officers onboard a Cessna aircraft (call-sign PolAir 64) are on a return flight to Newman after investigating a serious domestic disturbance in the remote Aboriginal community of Kiwirrkurra, near the border of Northern Territory.

What happened that night became the most tragic loss of lives in a single accident in the history of Western Australian Police. Continue reading Fifteenth Anniversary of the Australia Day Police Tragedy

Queensland Police Service POLAIR Proves It Has Blue Steel

Polair 1 and 2 have been named as finalists for the world’s best-looking law enforcement helicopters by Vertical 911 magazine.

The helicopter’s are the only Australian finalist in the competition, thanks to their attractive paint scheme.

The choppers are more than just a pretty face — they have proven to be a valuable tool in preventing, detecting and solving crime since their release.

Voting has now closed but competition winners will be announced in Vertical 911’s summer edition.

Read more and see the photo gallery on myPolice QPS News.

Source: mypolice.qld.gov.au