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Opinion: Don’t Advertise The ‘No Pursuit’ Policy

Fr. Kevin Dillon is St Mary’s parish priest in Geelong writes:

“(…) how should police respond if they see a quick U-turn by an approaching driver who observes the roadblock? Do they follow the car at a safe speed, hoping to pull it over, then test and perhaps apprehend the driver? And if the driver “steps on it”, do they pursue and increase their own speed — and if so, at what speed should they abandon the chase?

This week, a new policy regarding police pursuits was announced. News reports stated that police “must not initiate or continue a pursuit unless they believe that there is an urgent need to apprehend the vehicle occupant/s

While the reasoning behind the policy is plausible and very much focused on the safety of all, it may nonetheless create significant difficulties for the police “out there” day and night, in a wide variety of circumstances.

Drivers who wish to evade the police don’t deserve the comfort of knowing they can quietly drive above the speed limit and not be pursued.”

Read more in Geelong Advertiser.

Source: www.geelongadvertiser.com.au

Opinion: Toss Drivers Hogging The Middle Lanes In Prison And Throw Away The Key

Stuck on the highway behind someone driving slow outside of the left lane? Why don’t police do something about people like this? Toss them in prison and throw away the key.

British police have given their first ever fine for someone “hogging” the middle lane on a UK motorway.

A small Citroen van drove in the middle lane, forcing other drivers to brake heavily then overtake, despite the inside lane being empty.

The driver copped a fine, court costs and a “victim surcharge” adding up to about AUD$1900.

So why aren’t these slow-poke drivers being targeted in Queensland? 

Read more in Queensland Times.

Source: www.qt.com.au

Former Federal Police Commissioner Calls for Legalisation of Drugs

A former head of the AFP has called for the legalisation of illicit drug use.

Mick Palmer, who was the Australian Federal Police commissioner for seven years, said with the number of arrests and seizures increasing each year, it had become clear prohibition wasn’t working. 

He told Neil Mitchell while policing had improved, it’s had little effect on reducing the supply of drugs. Mr Palmer said society couldn’t police its way out of the problem.

Listen to the interview on 3AW.

Source: www.3aw.com.au

Raids Show Police Need Resources

We felt moved to write in response and to commend the actions of the police in relation to the recent raids, resulting in many arrests of persons possessing and handling the most insidious and invasive of drugs – ice. 

We are, without doubt, facing one of the worst epidemics in society today and without such police operations our local communities would suffer more. We must ensure therefore our police force is given every support and necessary resources – both human and financial – in order to carry out this invaluable work.

Again, we applaud and thank the police most sincerely for the work they are doing and sincerely hope and pray the judiciary backs up their efforts with punishments which fit the severity of the crime.

J. and L. Burke,


Source: www.southcoastregister.com.au

Police Deserve More Respect From the Public

Imagine going to work each day knowing that during your shift you may be spat on, swore at or physically attacked.

This is the unfortunate reality for many of our local law enforcement officers who stand in the front lines of danger each day and deal with some of our most difficult people.

Read more in Queensland Times.

Source: www.qt.com.au

Being A Member of Law Enforcement Getting Harder Every Day

Lauderdale County, Miss. – Patrolling the streets and looking out for the safety of the public is not the same as it used to be decades ago. Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie says with each passing year, as technology becomes improved upon the officer’s word is no longer the only evidence needed in court. Sheriff Sollie says after being in the law enforcement business for nearly 41 years, he has seen the attitude towards cops change from being the good guys to just looking to frame someone.

Read the full story on abc wtok.

Source: www.wtok.com

Law Enforcement Is a Calling That Is Answered Daily

Law enforcement is a calling that is answered daily, by people that are willing to face the dangers and perils awaiting them to serve a greater good.   These brave men and women are committed to service, whether from the patrol car on a shift, investigating a crime scene, behind a computer completing paperwork in an office, or training fellow law enforcement professionals to excel at their chosen profession…

Source: www.al.com

Officers Deen and Tate: Police Lives Matter

Do the names Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate mean anything to you? They should. For some individuals, the lives of cops don’t really matter as much as the lives of those who are killed by cops, even when the killings are justified. If the story allows people to focus on racial divisions and conflicts between cops and citizens, they’re all in. If not — if the story is about good and decent people who dedicated their lives to the protection of others and died in the line of duty — they quickly move on to other things. It turns out that it’s the narrative, not the individual lives that matter. Except to those who loved Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate, those whose lives have now been shattered, those whose hearts have been torn into a million pieces…

Source: www.commentarymagazine.com

Opinion: Police Shouldn’t Use Glocks; 1911 Remains The Pistol Of Choice?

The underlying problem with these pistols is a short trigger pull and the lack of an external safety. In real-world encounters, a short trigger pull can be lethal, in part because a significant percentage of law enforcement officers — some experts say as high as 20% — put their finger on the trigger of their weapons when under stress. According to firearms trainers, most officers are completely unaware of their tendency to do this and have a hard time believing it, even when they’re shown video evidence from training exercises.

Source: pjmedia.com