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Letter To The Editor: No One Is Perfect, But I Still Respect Military and Law Enforcement

I understand that most people are afraid to speak their opinion on certain issues. It is time, however, for people to speak up for what they believe and not be so reluctant simply because it might not be politically correct.

Source: m.tulsaworld.com

Injured Oklahoma City Police Officer Training For Memorial Marathon

An Oklahoma City Police Officer is on a journey his doctors did not think was possible.

“Running for two hours at a time was not a challenge and after my shooting in December, I couldn’t walk ten yards,” Burgess said. “That took something away from me that was very precious and meaningful,” he added.

However, Burgess made so much progress in physical therapy, doctors said the half-marathon was a possibility. He decided to go big and train for the full marathon.

Source: www.newson6.com