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Spare a Thought for Police Working These Holidays

Commissioner of New Zealand Police Mike Bush talks with Police Constables Trish Fatu and Jackson Hood, during his visit to Auckland Central Police Station. Photo / Brett Phibbs
Commissioner of New Zealand Police Mike Bush talks with Police Constables Trish Fatu and Jackson Hood, during his visit to Auckland Central Police Station. Photo / Brett Phibbs
Spare a thought for the police working in your neighbourhood – for them, today is like any other. Their job remains the same no matter what the holiday. Continue reading Spare a Thought for Police Working These Holidays

New Zealand Police Admit ‘Unconscious Bias’ Against Maori

New Zealand Police Commissioner has admitted police have an “unconscious bias” against Maori – discovered after they started analysing how officers apply their discretion over charging people. Continue reading New Zealand Police Admit ‘Unconscious Bias’ Against Maori

Public Chip In for Heroic New Zealand Police Officer Needing Surgery

The fund to help a hero cop pay for potentially lifesaving cancer treatment in the UK has now reached $22,000.

Papakura Constable John Connolly was diagnosed with cancer this year. It comes after a highly public beating in South Auckland in 2010 in which he almost died.

Mr Connolly was off-duty and walking his dog when he tried to stop two girls fighting near his home in Tuakau.

As he went to help, he was king-hit from behind before up to 30 teenagers joined the attack, leaving him with a fractured skull, a collapsed lung, a broken jaw and a broken ankle.

Last month, the 44-year-old was told he had throat cancer.

To support John Connolly go to Givealittle fundraising page.

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Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

Concern About High Number of New Zealand Police Ambivalent About Their Jobs

The number of New Zealand Police feeling “meh” about their jobs is alarming, says an employment expert.

Published today, the findings of the NZ Police Workplace Survey 2015 showed nearly three quarters of the police force were either “disengaged” or “ambivalent” towards their job.

However, Police Deputy Chief Executive of People Fiona Michel said the report showed police performed well against the state sector benchmark and work was underway to improve “how we value people’s contributions”.

The sixth annual survey showed 15.3 per cent of police employees were disengaged with their jobs and 58.3 per cent were ambivalent – up from 14.1 per cent disengaged in 2014 and on par with the 58.4 per cent who were ambivalent last year.

Pockets of high satisfaction in Auckland City and Counties Manukau were promising, as was the high levels amongst Maori and Pasifika employees, said employment specialist Tom O’Neil.

Mr O’Connor said satisfaction was higher in those areas because they had received more staffing than other regions.

The survey had a response rate of 69.1 per cent, or 8361 staff members, down from 73 per cent in 2014.

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Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

Auckland Police ‘Dismayed’ At Age of Criminals

Police say they are dismayed at the ages of people committing crimes after three teenage girls were arrested following a crime spree in Grafton.

Three teenaged girls wearing Auckland Hospital pyjama pants were arrested shortly after they boarded a southbound train in Grafton last evening. Police received two reports of aggravated robberies in close proximity – Khyber Pass Rd and Carlton Gore Rd – at about 7pm.

Inspector Jill Rogers says during the first incident a 17-year-old woman was allegedly assaulted and had her mobile ‘phone and wallet stolen: “A short time later a 29 year-old woman who was jogging along Carlton Gore Rd was confronted by three young women who pulled her to the ground, assaulted her and made off with her head phones.”

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Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

Sponge Rounds Now Available To All New Zealand Police Specialist Units

All Police Armed Offenders Squads (AOS) will now have access to the XM1006 “sponge round” following a successful operational trial and endorsement by the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA).

In November 2013, Police announced that the new tactical option would be made available to the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch AOS and the national Special Tactics Group (STG), enhancing the range of tactical options already available.

The round will now be made available to the remaining 14 AOS units around the country, who will receive appropriate training in their use.

“The sponge round provides these specialist Police staff with an effective tool that can help resolve dangerous incidents from a safe distance, where previously firearms may have been the only remaining option,” says National Manager Response and Operations, Superintendent Chris Scahill.

To date, the round has been used twice, during the arrest of Aaron McDonald near Franz Josef in March 2014, after he fled from a homicide in Christchurch before going on to kidnap and seriously assault two hitchhikers. 

Read the full media release on NZ Police website.

Source: www.police.govt.nz

New Zealand Police Called Out To Rifle Incident

The Armed Offenders Squad descended on a central Hamilton street after two men were seen with a rifle on a balcony.

Police said they were called to Victoria St about 1.15pm.

The Armed Offenders Squad were called and found a newly purchased air rifle, which they seized.

Police said the two men were pointing it out the door of their apartment and firing it across their shared driveway towards an industrial property.

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Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

Police Glocks Stolen From New Plymouth District Court

A man has been arrested after two police weapons were stolen from the New Plymouth District Court two years ago.

Police said two police issue glock firearms were stolen. An investigation was launched when they were made aware of the theft in June 2013.

Today, police arrested and charged a man in relation to the theft.

The 40-year-old New Plymouth man has been charged with theft and will appear in the New Plymouth District Court this Thursday.

Police said one firearm was recovered and a person was charged and convicted with unlawful possession of that firearm.

Read more in NZ Herald.

Source: www.nzherald.co.nz

Holden To Supply New Zealand Police Vehicles

Media Release

Holden New Zealand is pleased to announce the signing of the police contract that will see New Zealand Police driving Holden vehicles for many more years to come.

Holden has held the current contract to supply vehicles to Police since 2006, including Holden Commodore as patrol vehicles and the SV6 model being used for highway patrol duties.

Holden New Zealand managing director, Kristian Aquilina says it has been an honour to provide police with great vehicles over many years.

“We feel very privileged to have been involved in the supply of Holdens for our police service over several years and are pleased that this will continue,” said Mr Aquilina.

“Holden has worked hard to ensure that our vehicles are not only of a high calibre but they are also technologically advanced and great value for money.”

“This announcement is exciting for an iconic brand like Holden and shows that Commodore is not only relevant today but will also be relevant in the future.”

Police ran a Request for Proposal (RFP) and selection process over several months and have worked with the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment to negotiate the agreement as part of the All-of-Government (AoG) Vehicles contract.

It’s the first time Police patrol vehicles have been included in the AoG contract.

Holden is contracted to supply cars to Police for five years from July 1, with one right of renewal for a further five year period.

Source: au.news.yahoo.com