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What You Need To Know About Northern Territory Police’s Trial of Body-worn Video Cameras

Last December, Northern Territory police began a three-month trial of body-worn cameras recording high-definition video and audio. The trial has now been extended to 30 June 2015.

The officers have unrestricted powers to record wherever they go in the course of their duties, including public spaces as well as private places such as homes and offices.

Police say the front-mounted digital cameras will help improve police transparency, reduce paperwork, and supply useful evidence to the courts.

Use of the cameras in policing is an emerging trend both in Australia and overseas.

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Source: www.abc.net.au

New Combined Northern Territory Government Agency and Police Taskforce Set Up To Tackle Youth Crime

A new taskforce involving police and seven government agencies has been established to tackle the growing problem of youth crime in the Territory.

With youth offenders now responsible for two-thirds of all property crime, Task Force Neo has been unveiled.

Deputy Commissioner Mark Payne said the new taskforce would provide a “more joined-up approach” that “transcends individual organisations”.

Source: www.ntnews.com.au

Northern Territory Attorney-General Refers Labor Leader To Police

The Northern Territory’s embattled Labor Opposition Leader Delia Lawrie has been referred to police for possible breaches of criminal law as she fights to retain leadership of her party.

Police said on Saturday that the NT Attorney-General referred to them the recent judgment of Lawrie v Lawler, which will be investigated by Commander Peter Bravos of a new specialised investigative unit.

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Source: www.9news.com.au

Australian Police History: April 1961 – First Female NT Police Officers

In April 1961 five women were sworn into the Northern Territory Police Force.  This was the first time women were permitted to become NT Police officers.  The five women paved the way for many other women who have also contributed significantly to the policing profession since that time.  At that time their duties were limited, but by 1978 women were being employed with equal opportunity to male officers. The landscape of policing has changed significantly over the years and it is due to the considerable efforts of women and men within NT Police since 1961.


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